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Continued Conversations with the Abductee
by Chris Holly

We stood for a while watching the lights flicker on and off. They seemed to do this every few seconds. We decided to high tail it out to our planned spot and try to get there and back before the electric company came around so our plans to meet the other guys would not be ruined. We packed up the rest of our gear and took off down the right of way along the side of the high-voltage electric wire towers.

We were about half way to our destination out in the woods when we approached an intersection ahead of us of the transformer big electric company towers, a huge radio station tower and a high cell tower all in one group.

As we approached this area my buddy who worked for the telephone company pointed up towards the top branches of the trees ahead and said what the heck is that? We all looked and saw what looked like a pencil thin laser blue like light shinning along the tree line. At first we thought it was from the poles, trees, or maybe the wires or transformer. I told my buddies that must be what is going on with the flickering lights back by the houses.

We kept walking towards the center of the group of towers until we could see clear of the trees. The three of us saw it all at once. We all stopped walking at once, as if we practiced stopping like that for weeks, it was so exact and on the spot. We stopped all together lined up shoulder to shoulder and saw what we could not believe we were seeing.

Ahead of us over the group of towers, we could see the laser light was coming straight down from the sky. We followed the light up and could clearly see a huge black round saucer shaped craft hovering silently over the towers. The thin light attached to the wires and pole. There was no sound no movement just this light drinking or doing something with the towers and wires.

The thing was huge as when you looked up at it the entire sky was blocked out but for the massive shape of the craft. Around the borders of the craft you could see the night with all its stars and moonshine, however this massive black ship blocked out an enormous area while it sucked from the wires with its long thin light.

Not one of us moved. We did not speak or dare to blink. Finally one of us, I think it was me, slowly turned and motioned to my buddies to be quiet and slowly back track exactly the way we came in. We slowly and carefully moved away from this huge craft until we were far enough from it to feel we could run. We made it back to our trucks to see the lights in the adjacent neighborhood still flickering and blacking out. As we packed up our gear to leave we saw a huge glow and at once the houses and streetlights were back to full power. We knew the thing had finished its meal or whatever it was doing!

After listening to this encounter I was confused as to what the UFO was doing as it linked into the grove of wires and towers out in the hidden woods. At first I thought it might have been drawing from the lines in a feeding fashion. I thought this rather odd as I would think our energy grid would be very primitive to a society who was able to visit us from places we do not even know exist.

I called the smartest people I knew for advice on this encounter. I spoke to a physicist as well as another scientist and an extremely brilliant International Business man. The three men were genius level extremely educated people who I knew would have insight into this sighting.

I was fascinated and stunned to be told by all three the same exact thing! Not one of them thought this craft was feeding at all. In fact they all felt that this craft was putting IN data- not taking anything out. All of them also added they felt the craft was also taking all the data that was being transmitted out through the lines as well.

I was told that it most likely a case of catching the UFO placing in data that could and would be easily transmitted into the lines cables and communication systems found at that location. The question is what type of data where they feeding into our lives? The physicist told me he thought it possible we were being downloaded messages of control or illusion via the wires into our televisions, computers, phones and radios. He also mentioned that he noticed many cases of blackouts and power failures associated with sightings as a constant all over the world. He felt that they may over work our tired infrastructures while downloading the data they want to spread among us causing these recurring outages.

This report is the one the abductee wanted to discuss. She told me that her greatest fear for the human race is in our carelessness with our use of technology. The abductee fears we have been given a world full of technology by way of a small percentage of advanced humans that is being used by masses of people not yet ready or able to use the technology for our advancement. This woman feels we have become a world of idiots who are walking into a trap marching on our way to becoming slaves by way of all our technical gadgets and toys.

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