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Global Warming and Cooling happen in cycles
by Lewis Brackett

Posted: 19:00 April 17, 2010

Piri Reis map
There have been vast climatic change throughout history. Despite the current frenzy about "global warming", it has all happened before! The ancient world was much colder than today. Archaeology has shown that the sea levels were some 20-30 feet lower than today. The entire middle east was covered by dense forests with abundant rain. this continued through the Roman period. North Africa was the fertile fields where most of the grain was grown for the Roman Empire. From 600-800 there was a period of Earth upheavel resulting in a 200 year period of ice age, plague and famine.

About 900 AD until about 1350 AD there was a warming trend that caused the seas to rapidly rise displacing people; including the Vikings who then invaded England. The Norse records indicate that They were able to grow vineyards in Iceland, Labrador, Newfoundland. For hundreds of years the world temps were much warmer than today. As suddenly as the world had warmed, in 10 years it cooled off again sending Earth into a mini ice age with the 1700's the coldest in 1000 years. it even snowed in New England in June 1814! All of a sudden about 1880, the climate suddenly started getting much warmer and has been increasing in the last century. The world has warmed almost 2 degrees since the 19th century. The world would have to warm up ANOTHER 12 degrees to reach the temps of the 6th to the 13th centuries.

The fact is, modern evidence shows there was very little ice on Greenland and Antarctica during the years 900 AD until 1350 AD. Then the advent of the 600 year Ice Age ended the Viking age and their Greenland colonies. What had been green prairie suddenly were transformed into ice fields.

During World War Two, a number of aircraft were abandoned on the Greenland Ice cap. In the 1980’s, an expedition located these airplanes UNDER 250 feet of ice !!! That’s right, during those 40 years, the “global warming” period of the middle 20th century, SIX FEET of ice a year accumulated on the Greenland ice cap.

So, since 6 feet of ace accumulated during this “global warming" period, we can safely say that AT LEAST 12 feet of ice accumulated during the 600 year long Ice Age from 1350 AD to 1850 AD. Twelve feet of ice accumulation per year for 600 years is a surprise — one mile of ice exactly what we see on Greenland today...

Ancient Maps show these climate cycles >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ptolemy's map of the north shows Greenland only partly ice covered, glaciers retreating from Sweden, Germany...

Orontius map of Antarctica, (1531) mostly ice free. Only recently has been shown to be exact.

Many Ancient Maps including the King Hamy World chart (1502) showing the present Sahara desert as a fertile land with lakes, rivers, cities.... 7th item down the list, #HM45

Piri Reis map ((1513) more than 5000 years old), south America, Africa with great precision

Several ancient maps

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