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Edge of My Mind
by Stuart Warner Phelps

Posted: 13:52 April 9, 2010

Martin Peters 35, can hardly believe his eyes when he spies a huge globe of light hovering above the ground. Silently pulsating, he realises it can only be a UFO. As he approaches nearer, it metamorphoses into a black oval shape, its eerie presence as creepy as those gothic piles in a Hammer Horror.

Martin's curiosity is his downfall and he ends up confined aboard the UFO.

This however is no ambassadorship, no meeting of minds. They make no attempt at communication, fail to recognise his intelligence and show little interest other than the real fear they have of him.

Left to fend for himself, with no access to toiletry and sleeping arrangements the floor; they treat him little better than some unwanted pet.

What little food he does get tends to pass straight through him; consequently, he becomes weaker, with his body slowly degenerating due to alien viruses.

He is moved from the UFO to an old building that is used as a meeting place for the sickening event that is `the games`, a daily activity where cruelty and extreme violence is the norm.

Theirs is a society where violent acts are a crime against the state. Violence has been eradicated for centuries. This has created an underground market of violence for pleasure.

With their den of iniquity exist like an illegal crack house it is eventually raided by a law enforcement team. These new aliens are unaware of Martins presence.

It is now two years since his capture; time has not been kind to him, with a stooped, skeletal figure, matted hair, sores and pustules covering his body he makes a grotesque figure.

They come upon him unexpectedly. His appearance would frighten the bravest and faced with their worst nightmare they attack him in hysterical fear.

Elders permit tests; machines invade mind and memory.

Once they have gained every ounce of information, they seal his body with a substance and return him to Earth, leaving him high in the mountains of Spain, nude and close to death.

A battle now ensues to save his life. Suffering from acute vitamin deficiency and other degenerative problems that affect most of his major organs, he is unconscious for weeks, kept alive by machines.

Tests in the hospital, confirm the sealant to be alien and a major health scare ensues resulting in specialists becoming involved.

Regaining consciousness he has no memory of who he is or what has occurred, months go by, his body becomes stronger, but his memory takes longer. It gradually returns and with his memory recovered and body fit, Martin wishes to return home.

However as his recall occurred in stages his mentor are determined to hold onto him, convinced there could be further information locked deep in his mind, (the secret to anti-gravity or perpetual motion?)

With his future clearly mapped out, as a prisoner. Martin successfully undertakes to escape.

He encounters English football hooligans on route home after their latest ruckus. There is some confusion and they mistake him as `one of them` a football hooligan and its `don't worry son we'll get you home`.

When he does get home he is disturbed to find his mentors have already been there looking for him.

With no job or home and the realisation he needs to disappear, he gets a seaside job in a hotel, live in.

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For more information or to order this book simply click on its title: Edge of My Mind

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