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Tony R. Elliott is an established writer with articles in American Chronicle, Fate Magazine, Divine Caroline and various publications of differing topics. His new book titled Aura Visions: The Origin's Prophecy is available at his website He was a Political Commentary Columnist for the Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003 generating the controversy for which he was hired. He also was a regular writer for several small coastal newspapers in Southern Oregon during the early 1990s. Thanks: Tony R. Elliott. You can email Tony at

Directed Influenced Evolution
by Tony Elliott

Posted: 10:55 April 17, 2010
Directed Influenced Evolution

Over the last few years there have been a growing number of individuals and groups who believe there are ways one can break contact from extraterrestrial or inter dimensional beings both on a mental and physical scale. Some report reciting Biblical verses while others claim to use their own mental and psychic ability to fight their way out of an episode. The success rate seems to be quite high as the number of people using these and other methods increases daily.

Reports of foiling abductions, psychic episodes and deemed undesirable contact from a variety of extraterrestrial and otherwise non terrestrial entities are on the rise. On the surface it seems we have a breakthrough in combating otherworldly influences from being able to enter our minds at any given time at their discretion.

However nothing could be further from the truth. As intelligent human beings in a modern society we should take into consideration the type of life forms who are causing the experiences in the first place. We are being visited by more than one extraterrestrial civilization perhaps hundreds and by extraterrestrial I am referring to beings both from other planets as well as life forms from a variety of dimensions. These beings are so mentally and sometimes physically advanced from our species we simply could not begin to conceive their capabilities. The simple fact that they are capable of contacting us through our minds and at times our very souls and the fact we are not advanced enough to begin to understand the concept itself is proof of the inability of any terrestrial human being able to block or stop the contact.

Our primitive minds are capable of causing these beings to change the type of contact or abduction they use on us as the abduction and consciously aware episodes we are aware of during and after the events have been replaced by more deep subconscious experiences such as Aura Visions and deliberately placed information which we may become aware of several months from the actual contact. This mind and spiritual influence can be made at any given time of the day or night without the human subject being aware that it is or has occurred. This subliminal contact can take place while someone is working, sleeping or otherwise fully conscious.

Memory of the contact is never realized but the implanted information comes out in a series of revelations lasting for years and perhaps a life time. Sort of an implanted time released series of data programmed into our minds similar to programming information into a computer.

For anyone to believe they can escape the influence of these beings they are simply satisfying their fears by falsely thinking it is possible.

We human beings are not even evolutionized enough to use 100% of our brains. The beings that contact us are are Gods compared to our species. Some are formless without a physical body existing as free intelligence but also able to take on a physical form at any given time simply out of thought manifested physical matter.

Thus our feeble human minds are always vulnerable to the wants and needs of the Gods. It is part of our directed influenced evolution.

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