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Contacting And 'Getting' Supernatural Intervention And Help From Angelic Beings
by Doc Edwards

Posted: 11:00 April 3, 2010

Contacting And 'Getting' Supernatural Intervention And Help From Angelic Beings
Though I seriously doubt that many who might read these words will avail themselves of the extraordinary help that now waits for them like some supernatural butler dressed in a white tux at the doorway of their consciousness, nevertheless, I cast this article upon the sea of the Internet in the great hope that it will assist those rare few who might be so bold as to go at least far enough to "check-out" its possibility in the spirit, expectation, and hope that what I present here just might--- by the rarest of possibilities --- be true. What I am speaking of, specifically, is the help of angels,... that is, beings --- supernatural, inter-dimensional, or otherwise --- of some unknown source and realm, who bring with their presence, supernatural and miraculous help and intervention in the circumstances and affairs of everyday human life.

In spite of far, far less than perfect conduct and propriety on my part in my life, nevertheless, I have been privileged and blessed with some occasional, what I can only call, miraculous and phenomenal experiences, perhaps the greatest of which have been visitations and assistance by, what for less than any other adequate identity, I can only assume to call, angels,... or if not that exactly, then certainly beings of a high spiritual order. Whatever they are, one thing is for certain though, concerning all of these"other-worldly" beings and the wonder-filled experiences they bring with them: with their arrival also comes the most amazing, empowering, and life-transforming, supernatural personal assistance possible to imagine --- so much so, that many years ago I set about to out-rightly search for, not so much the explanation of their origin, but rather the method of "their coming forth," in short, "how to intentionally bring on and summon" these incredible appearances in my life, not to mention the absolutely miraculous assistance and aid they seem able to so phenomenally manifest in my affairs, events, and circumstances.

Not that I was not curious about "from whence they had come," for truly I was, as would be anyone. Nor was I was not interested in some reasonable scientific rationale of just "how" such things, and miraculous assistance, that not only defied, but out-rightly "broke"as well, all of the known laws of the physical universe, at least as I had come to understand them from my education and background in science, could possibly be. And certainly I knew that all cultures and religions, from Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, down to whatever other spiritual traditions that had ever existed on the planet, were all full of stories and accounts of the inter-action and assistance of such beings to humans; but, of course, these were usually all colored and presented against the background and ideology of their particular spiritual or religious tradition and religious "take-on-things.". Mine, however,were not.

Fortunately, at least for me, I have always had a keen and perceptive intuition, which, when I would ponder and think about these different experiences that I had had with these beings, led me finally to realize --- whether by chance or serendipity ---- somewhere in the very pit of my soul and being, that there had to be some manner or method, whether ancient or modern, whereby these incredible and helpful beings, as well as their intercession and assistance, could be directly accessed and appealed to in order to"summon" ---- or if that is not exactly the right word, then perhaps at least ,"asked for" --- help and assistance from these beings, at just those times when one might, should or would, need a little supernatural help, so to speak.

Over the course of several years I searched and searched in untold places, libraries, and books for not only the source of my miraculous and supernal experiences, but also --- perhaps even more importantly, the method whereby they could be duplicated and produced somewhat "at will," or at least, summoned on those occasions when such unusual, supernatural help and assistance seemed the only likely solution to the many problems and dilemmas that life sometimes besets all of us with.

Looking back on the occasions of my search, coupled with the almost impossible nature of my quest, I can only assume and conclude, at least looking back in retrospect, that either it was somehow pre-ordained that I should find the unusual answers, for what would certainly prove to be, an unusual formula or approach (specifically "that" of summoning angelic help) that I so desperately was searching for, or that somehow in ways, and in directions, by unseen hands and eyes, I was guided to where I just exactly needed to be in order to make my fortunate discovery.

Curiously, I found that I was certainly not the first to ask such questions, nor the first to seek such a method and formula for bringing on these experiences "at will;" the ancient Hebrews, during the time of what history would call their, "Babylonian Captivity," had also discovered and used just such a formula; and it was, here, within a Hebrew tradition and teaching called the "Kabalah ( a term that I am sure many of you are familiar with) that I found my long-sought-after formula for contacting and getting angelic help and assistance.

Of course, as many of you may already know, the study of the Kabalah is not a simple, or for that matter even, a part-time involvement, but a life-long study and method of approaching and understanding life and all the questions mankind has ever had about life, and his relationship to the universe, and more particularly, God. But I was eventually able to reduce my formula for angelic contact to a very few, simple steps that did not require one to have necessarily any great amount of erudition or understanding about the Kabalah in order to effectively use the technique for making, and availing themselves, of the miraculous assistance and intervention these angels can bring into their life and circumstances. And though, as I say, the technique itself is relatively simple, it does, nevertheless, involve various and different steps in order to "open-the-door", as it were, to the wonderful and amazing effects this method will produce and manifest in your life. For those who are interested in pursuing the specifics of this method, I have prepared and make available more in-depth information on my website at or by contacting me directly via email at

While I never used this formula except after I have exhausted using every other conventional means available to me in solving whatever problem or difficulty I might be facing, I have always been able to depend on it to produce just the exact results that I needed when I did finally turn to it as the "measure of last resort." I can honestly say that using this formula to obtain supernatural assistance is one of the most important discoveries that I have ever made throughout my entire life. For I know, beyond any shadow or hint of doubt, that always I have available to me the means and method for the ultimate solution and resolution of any problem or difficulty I should be presently facing in my life --- and that, more than any other consideration or reason --- has made the discovery of this technique one of the most important additions to, what I call, the armamentarium of my life, that I have ever had the good fortune to discover.

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