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An Experiment In Remote Viewing: The Search For Life On Mars
by Kathlynne Kasten

Posted: 19:09 April 12, 2010

Kathlynne Kasten

This paper presents information regarding the possibility of life on Mars derived from a single remote viewing session lasting 43 minutes on 11/30-12/01/96 starting at 12:30 AM, and a second session using a technique utilized by dowsers - that is, using a specially designed pendulum. Also included, is a description of the area that came into focus during the remote viewing session and the images that appeared. The target area, a “dark green” area, was pre-sited prior to the remote viewing session.


As a consequence of Vince DiPietro’s interview on Art Bell’s radio show on 11/30-12/01/96, I decided to see if I could remote view the planet Mars to search for “life.” I had scored hits with other targets in past experiences. A discussion of these targets and those sessions are outside the scope of this paper. I have a passing amateur’s interest in astronomy, and training in empirical data collection in the field of archaeology.


The remote viewing session: The target context was “look for life on Mars.” There is always a mental parameter determined before starting a remote viewing session, this is to aide in focusing on a target. The first image that appeared was Mars at a distance of perhaps an orbiting space craft. Just to the right of my high orbit view was a large dark spot on the surface of Mars. I did not move directly toward the large dark spot but towards the north polar region to begin surface orientation. Skirting the polar region, and moving approximately a little over 1/3 of the surface of the planet toward the south; passing what I “felt” was the equator, I stopped over a large area. Upon closer view, the area was mottled in color and looked to be covered in a bramble-type “plant.” Focusing on the bramble (see attached drawing), I noticed that it consisted of bulbous extrusions on braciated ground cover. It is dark in color and filled with light/almost white/luminous liquid which changes color when “the sap is running.” It seems all/most of the branches are connected to each other. That is, if one piece were to cut off, eventually all the liquid would drain off, and the organism would die.

12/02/96: I contacted Vince DiPietro by e-mail on Monday with a request/hope that after the Mars Lander photographic material is released I would find out whether my remote viewing data could be confirmed.

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