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An Experiment In Remote Viewing: The Search For Life On Mars
by Kathlynne Kasten

12/31/96: I received return e-mail from Vince DiPietro in which he suggested an area on Mars which might support life; he provided coordinates for an area which he claimed had a “water spout.” Further, he stated that the water spout was cited at -16o latitude and 80o longitude. Because DiPietro knew about this “water spout” feature, he told he had suggested to JPL that Sojourner land in that area, and he provided the reasons he gave to JPL for doing so.

1/13/97: My return e-mail to DiPietro stated that I was not aware there was a water spout on Mars; that the description of the conditions around a water spout could provide a nice warm environment for bacteria or mold, a possible description of what I saw; stated that I had downloaded a hand drawn (possibly from photographs) map of Mars from the University of Hawaii’s website. I further stated that while looking at the map, I remembered that the area I saw was very flat, not red-colored as the surrounding area. Also, the flat horizon was broken here and there by a large “mesa”-type outcroppings on only one side of my 360o field of view.


At the second session, I utilized a time honored method called dowsing (using a special balanced, finely machined, brass pendulum shaped like an Egyptian djed pole with a pointed end, hung from a very strong cord - made especially for pendulum work). I am sure you are a bit concerned about using dowsing as part of a scientific method, be assured that some top professional archaeologists I know have used this method (although did not disclosed this fact publicly least their professional reputations be called into question). I am comfortable with this method, and have scored a high percentage of hits. In other words, I have confidence in the method.

1/19/97: I laid out the map of Mars on a flat surface, and using the stored images in my memory from the remote viewing session, I proceeded to go over the map from top to bottom and right to left holding the pendulum as close to the surface as possible without interfering with it’s swing.

It is my understanding that the “water spout” is located at -16o latitude, 80o longitude. I cannot account for the discrepancy in the location except to say perhaps the original cited location was made before there were more accurate maps of Mars, or I am sensing the wrong location, or the map itself is not precise. I feel this problem will be reconciled once the new Mars data arrives in the autumn of 1997.

Description of Area #2: During this second session, i.e., the work with the pendulum and the U of H map of Mars, I located a second possible area for life at (minus) -63o latitude, 304o longitude. This area is smaller than area #1 and roughly ovoid in shape. As I did not pick up this second area during the remote viewing session of 11/30-12/01/96, I have since gone back and done a second very short remote viewing session of the area. It appears to be a white crystalline natural ground structure of very small rods or ovoid “pebbles.”

A Possible Future Use for Remote Viewing: As this was a new type of remote viewing session for me, I would like very much to discover if it is of any value for the future, i.e., as a means of exploration without leaving the surface of Earth. Perhaps, if this method proves useful, it will become possible to remote view an area, in conjunction with photographic data and accurate maps, before spending the moneys and effort to send a space vehicle to explore a targeted area.

Drawings of braciated “plant” life; shape of areas.

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