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A UFO Digest
Book Review
The Red Book:
C.G. Jung's Hidden Magnum Opus

by Jaye Beldo

(Copyright 2010, Jaye Beldo All Rights Reserved)

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>

Posted: 12:49 April 1, 2010

A quick scan of my personal library reveals a dust-covered confession:

All Jungian books put on the bottom shelves years ago and deliberately forgotten. The primary motive for relegating them to such a low caste status stems from my profound disgust with what has been done with a once vibrant and unique form of psychology.

Jung's living vision of the psyche has been cookie-cut into a convenient, suffocating typology by fame-hungry therapists who have willingly taken the depth out of his depth psychology. Such ironic reductionism is ultimately an attempt to con people into believing that contemporary Jungians somehow have the ability to understand and adequately map the unconscious through such now hackneyed phrases as individuation, the numinous, "puer et puella" and "animus et anima." Jung no doubt would chastise these opportunists for bastardizing his work, all in the name of giving themselves an air of infallible authority and command.

Carl G. Jung
26 July 1875 - 6 June 1961

While fretting about how corrupt Jung's original vision has become in the short span of 90 years since its inception, someone (synchronistically) leant me a copy of The Red Book: Liber Novus, a collection of Jung's astonishing artwork and calligraphically inscribed journal entries that he wisely chose to keep hidden for his entire life.

Paging through this rather imposing tome of coffee table book dimensions, it became immediately apparent why he kept his true magnum opus incognito.

Click on the 'NEXT' arrow for page 2.

To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: The Red Book

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