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A UFO Digest Book Review
The Red Book: C.G. Jung's Hidden Magnum Opus

by Jaye Beldo

(Copyright 2010, Jaye Beldo All Rights Reserved)

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>

They could not have handled Jung's one-on-one relationship with the ultimate core of the psyche that lies far beyond analysis and codification.

The Red Book should be perused by anyone wary of exploring Jungian psychology in its current degraded form. Doing so will help one appreciate how Jung himself had to carefully toe the empirical line in order to survive total persecution and how he did this by keeping this work private. It is something we ourselves should do-with our powerful dreams, visions and insights in order to sufficiently incubate them.

The Red Book will rightfully remind one that Jung was and will continue to be foremost an alchemist, esotericist, artist - the very things that cannot be contained by the dogmatic lexicon that most post Jungians continue to abuse in their quest to make a profitable, systematic industry out of depth psychology.

Jaye Beldo

Turn the pages of "The Red Book" at:
Courtesy of The Rubin Museum of Art

The Art of Peter Birkhauser

Swiss Artist treated by C. G. Jung

To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: The Red Book

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