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UFOs in the Dominican Republic: Background Report
by Scott Corrales

Earlier that same year, the Dominican press had published reports on the remarkable healings carried out by Luciana Pelàez of the town of Barahona. Ms. Peláez was a fervent Catholic whose healings attracted national attention, even that of President Joaquin Balaguer, who said that Ms. Peláez was “deserving of respect and high esteem”. It is not known if the chief executive ever resorted to the healer’s cures, as has occurred with healers and other Latin American officials (Mexico’s Plutarco Elías Calles with “Niño Fidencio” and Brazil’s Jacinto Kubitschek with the world famous “Zé Arigo”). On March 29th, Ms. Pelaez held an open mass outside the city of Santo Domingo, asking those in attendance to offer prayers for the sick and cautioning that “something” might take place later that evening that should be perceived only as a “manifestation of God.”

At six thirty, the healer fell into a trance and the crowd began to weep and shout, prompting the priest celebrating the mass to interrupt the service and look to the sky: right beside the moon, there was a second “moon” rising and sinking among the clouds, emitting a yellowish glow that increased brightly before dimming once more. The religious service was only able to continue after the crowd’s level of excitement over this strange phenomenon had subsided.

Surprising encounters with humanoids were soon to follow: In September 1972, a driver near the town of Palenque in the Dominican Republic was flagged down by a trio of aliens in gray, form-fitting uniforms and with lemon-hued skins. An egg-shaped UFO was in the background, and the driver became understandably concerned for his safety. One of the aliens approached him and engaged him in perfect Spanish, telling him that he had once been as human as he was, having been rescued by the aliens from nearly drowning in the high seas ten years previously. His human name had been Freddy Miller, and he had successfully adapted to living on the aliens' home world.

The inability to get a good night’s sleep on a hot spring night managed to land Mario Garcia, a private pilot, in the pages of UFO history. At 2 o’clock in the morning on May 24, 1976, he got out of bed to breathe some fresh air on his apartment’s balcony. The presence of some strange flashes of light to the south prompted him to go back inside for his telescope, and looking through the eyepiece he was able to see an oval object with a small row of windows along its midsection. Its surface was so highly polished, García would later tell researchers, that the slightest reflected light could blind any onlooker. Setting his aviation knowledge to the matter, García said that the unidentified object was rising between fifty to one hundred feet a minute, “as though carrying a very heavy cargo” until it reached an 3000-foot altitude. At that point, it retracted its prominent landing gear and its antenna circled a number of times “as if trying to lock on to a signal or tracking device.” The unusual and science-fictionish craft vanished toward the west “at a speed incomprehensible to the human mind.”

The Robot Man

An afternoon playing with cousins and the family dog developed into a full-blown encounter with the unknown for a ten year-old boy from the village of El Fundo. He had been playing outdoors around five o’clock on the family property when the dog – a Collie – began barking frantically at one of the sheds located on the premises. From behind the wood and zinc structure emerged “a man like a robot” who ignored the canine vocalizations and began walking in a straight line, seemingly oblivious to the frightened children, who ran away and hit in the shrubbery. It was then that the ten year-old heard an unusual sound which he described as “a cavalry charge”. Turning to see what the source of the noise was, he was startled to see an orb measuring approximately three feet in diameter, painted black and surmounted by an unidentified structure, rolling along the ground. The sphere rolled away and vanished into the woods. The “robot man” meanwhile continued his slow, inexorable forward motion away from the scene, harried by the barking dog.

According to researcher Manuel Fiallo, who interviewed the protagonists, the strange entity was wearing a form-fitting outfit of black slacks and a short-sleeved red pullover that revealed “scaly lemon-green arms”. Its face appeared to lack eyes and nose, although the mouth was described as “normal-looking.”

Aliens in the Cane fields

In March 1977, Dominican GOFOS group (Grupo Observador de Fenómenos y Objetos Siderales) researched a case which had taken place in San Francisco Macorís, a farming community in the southern part of the country. In one particular instance, a couple was awakened at 3:30 a.m. by their baby's crying. When the mother went to check on her, she noticed that the entire house was bathed in a hot, greenish-blue light. The mother described it as "a buzzing lightning bolt that won't go away."

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