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The Technology of UFOs is far ahead of ours!
by A. J. Gevaerd

Brigadier Monteiro was also a commander at the Sao Paulo-based IV Comando A'rio Regional (Comar 4), a body in control of South-Eastern air space in Brazil. Therefore, he was in charge of the area affected by the so-called Brazilian Official UFO Night, on 19 May 1986. This incident is one of the pillars to our campaign UFOs: Liberdade de Informa""o J". As well known, in that occasion Brazilian states of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Goias were swarmed by some 20 luminous flying circles with estimated 100 meter in diameter each. Those lights were chased by Brazilian F5E and Mirage jets which took off from Santa Cruz (RJ) and Anapolis (GO) airfields. "I was reported that those objects reached 4.000 km/h, but such speed is too high for our radars and cause them to loose accuracy", he states.

In this exclusive interview to Revista UFO Monteiro reveals a striking occurrence within Cindacta facilities at the city of Gama (DF) when he realized the crew of that object were in possession of highly advanced technology. Even without authorization and not knowing how to act, his men at the base decided to open fire against an intruder. By knowing of the incident, the brigadier ordered for an immediate cease-fire, "They have a much more advanced technology. We don't know how they would react to our actions". Throughout the interview, Monteiro referred to our visitors as a more advanced species, but that didn't seem to be a comfortable assertion from him. At the beginning of the talk, he called the phenomenon as "magnetic abnormalities", "since we lack a more appropriate term". As the interview went on, the brigadier felt more comfortable and, laughing of his previous interpretation, acknowledged he was always aware of the extraterrestrial nature of the UFOs.

As a friend of other military involved with UFO incidents, such as former Embraer's chairman Ozires Silva and former minister of Aeronautics Octavio Moreira Lima, Monteiro confesses his immense curiosity about flying saucers. "I wish I could enter that "thing" at once and see how it is". He is also said to have made controversial comments on the Brazilian Official UFO Night, an occurrence now brought to light with the disclosure of important official documents by Brazilian government [See UFO 160]. The Brigadier is quoted as having stated that, "the Aeronautics have been recording these events for so many years" and that UFOs "went from 250 to 1.500 km/h in less then a second". Monteiro may also have admitted that, "FAB recorded the whole incident in magnetic tapes". All these facts are now further elaborated by him.

The interviewee is open to the idea of other forms of intelligent lives, but is also cautious when talking about that. After much insistence from his interviewers, Monteiro admits that not only him, but also other high ranking officers, are quite aware that we are being visited by more advanced cosmic species. "We know that they do not represent any threat. I am convinced that their approach is aimed to know us". Such words become even more meaningful when uttered by the man responsible for the implementation of the Amazon Surveillance System (SIVAM) and the privatization of Embraer.

This remarkable interview published by Revista UFO shows readers that Lieutenant-Brigadier Socrates da Costa Monteiro is another important figure in the Brazilian military to acknowledge the seriousness of ufologists' mission in researching alien activity on Earth. He also expresses his support to the campaign UFOs: Liberdade de Informa'o J', an initiative conducted by the Brazilian Committee of Ufologists (CBU). Following colleagues who previously spoke through this magazine, Monteiro states that official institutions should support ufologists in their task to determine the nature of the UFO phenomenon.

The Interview

Brigadier, I should start by thanking you for being so kind in receiving us. My first question is: Have you ever experienced any ufological event, be it in your military career, as a minister, or in your private life"

Well, it depends on what you call a "ufological event". But I can say I've seen things that caught my attention. Even my wife was present at one of those occasions. It occurred at that night in which many objects were seen flying over Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Sao Jose dos Campos [The Brazilian Official UFO Night]. She was watching the Copacabana beach from the balcony of our flat in Rio and spotted a bizarre light in the sky. She was surprised, looked to me and said: "It's a flying saucer". When I saw the scene, especially my wife"s reaction, I joked: "I don't know what that is, but if you tell someone I"ll punish you. You didn't see anything, you don't know anything. If you don't keep quiet, you"ll get into trouble. I won"t say anything either". Then I took my powerful Navy binoculars to better see that light.

What did you think that was? As an Air Force expert you must have rejected any known explanation...

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