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The Navy's Tenth Fleet
by Ed Komarek

"Remember, sometimes keeping things secret means putting it right under people's noses without calling it "SECRET"." *Admiral Roughead is also a member of the New York Yacht Club and his dinner with them was for "Members Only". Again, NO PRESS and no chance that other Military people could attend.Addendum: This does not include Admiral Roughead's military staff. Also, this is dependent on our source's contacts about who attended the other events. Also, there were no "Vetting" or security issues with his talk at NYPI and NYU... Now why do you think THAT was so?

"The purpose of having Clay attend this event was to introduce him to people of importance with regards to Source A and have Clay see first hand how connected Source A really is and not just another Naval Officer." by Source A. All the Best,


We met our source along with another confidant (who shall remained un-named) for dinner in Downtown New York last night (04/12/2010) at 5:00PM EST. Many topics were discussed with regards to disclosure and contact. Obviously, the most important topic we hashed over was Chief of Naval Operations/Admiral Roughead's lecture and what it entailed. We will give a basic summary of what we think is the most important element of Admiral Roughead's speech which concerns the 10th Fleet.

Summary Analysis: Now, We must keep some things in mind and keep in context the significance of this meeting, who was there, and the nature of this "public" event:1) Clay met Source A's UN counterpart (This is the third). He also met the previous counterpart. This is the "other" of which we spoke earlier in the thread. Yes, this "other" counterpart was the second to our source as a UN "working group" representative. This second counterpart did not serve the billet of three years which is demanded for this posting.

There are reasons why this counterpart served only a short period; it is why our source did not know who this person was until recently. We cannot get into this for the sake of security. This is a continuity observation that needs to be NOTED!! 2) We mentioned Adm. Roughead's speech on the creation of the 10th Fleet:14,000 individuals, working out of Ft. Meade. Clay heard an additional 40,000 plus individuals will be used for INFORMATION AND CONTROL. What are these people going to do with this funding (NOT BY CONGRESS)?

More than likely, this additional 40,000 plus will be ran out of Fort Mead.3) Remember, Source A stated 2 years ago that the mission of this program is to create the environment whereby Disclosure can happen? That means, the environment must be friendly enough that DISCUSSIONS need to take place!!

Now, let us take a moment and go forward. Source A and Clay were walking to Shawn's place of business to have a drink after the NYAC event. Source A gets a phone call while en-route. It went something like this: Source A: Yes? Oh, hi Admiral. How did it go? It was okay, but it could have gone better. The questions were censored.

Okay. Now, questions at the NYAC were written down on cards for Admiral Roughead to answer. No names were listed on the cards. The cards were handed to an individual. That individual was suppose to read them to Admiral Roughead. That did not happen. In fact, the individual who fielded the questions did not bother, purposely, to retrieve our source's card[S] prior to the beginning of the questions. Source had to physically get up and put the cards in his hand! The individual was careful to keep source's cards out of the mix of the other cards that were submitted.

Both Source and I witnessed this. The questions the Admiral got were read from a separate piece of paper, exclusive of the cards. So what? This is what is interesting: 23 individuals out of 130 submitted Disclosure "Friendly" Questions. These questions were never read. How do we know? Someone had to have looked at the cards prior to giving them to the one who screens. Hmm? I wonder who that was?

Addendum: Clay's question was this: Admiral Roughead, Will the Navy admit to the "Boys topside" with regards to Disclosure? What will be the Navy's policy with disclosure." Clay handed his card to Source and what Clay found out later is that Source crossed out "Boys topside" and inserted UFO phenomena. Source later told Clay to not be cryptic and be direct with questions. Source said that through experience when a lecturer gets a question which might not be understood it will be discarded. Again, be direct.

Think about the cards that were collected, yet never read. Why? Isn't Admiral Roughead an eager beaver for Disclosure? Does he know? Does he have filters around him? He mentioned the 40,000 plus personnel for the information and control aspect of the 10th fleet. What gives? Can he say???? Does he want to know the specifics????????? Is there plausible denial in his "Ignorance?"Remember folks:

That middle level bureaucratic tier must be informed and put in place so that Disclosure and Contact can happen. Where are they going to get these resources? How are they going to be put in place? AN ASIDE: This is a process. Everything takes time!! Discussions must take place somewhere. The feedback must take place somewhere!

Oh! Adm. Roughhead is speaking at the NYAC... How interesting.Remember: The environment for discussions of disclosure must be friendly and productive enough to create an environment for Disclosure to possibly happen. This is NOT a point to be overlook, skipped or rushed."

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