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2012 Extraterrestrial Enlightment For Transformation
by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 

Disraeli said, 'There is no system so simple and so little repugnant to our understanding as that of rebirth. The pains and pleasures of this life are by this system considered as recompense or the punishment of our actions in another state."

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said, "When the question is asked, "Where were we before we were born?" We have a definite answer in this system of slow development by reincarnation with long intervals of spirit rest between. While otherwise, we have no answer though we must admit it is inconceivable that we have been born in time for eternity. Existence afterwards seems to postulate existence before."

James Russell Lowell said, "No man is born into the world whose work is not born with him."

We now in the 21st century speak in not only the masculine but also the feminine. We are about raising the awareness of the female aspect and archetype in our array of reality in this world. We will now celebrate the New Age of Revelation in the year 2012 with the understanding that we are both male and female aspects in the one and only body that we portray to the world in our reality.

We shall learn that we are both male and female created in one astral aspect of our soul selves with many levels of existence in many dimensions not just the one we regard as our own reality at the time of our birth. This one level of thought will bring about the future expanse of our own enlightenment.

We are learning about the all in the up and down the outer and inner worlds that exist inside us all where our "ALL" is regarded as our existence and essence of our many lives of constant change and flux that we expand as we realize our animating soul of reality we call existence.

From the mystical point of view the creation of a new form will never be realized in a scientific lab as far as the esoteric embryology is concerned. Medical Science is aware of the mechanics that are co-mingled in the male sperm and the female ovum. However, their known and unknown reality of the "Breathe of Life" of "Activating Force of Energy" that is necessary for the birth of a being on this physical plane is at present "Nothing". The words are without form when it comes to the reality of the "ALL" and the "Theory of Everything".

Take 65% oxygen, 18% carbon, 10% Hydrogen, 3% nitrogen, 2% calcium, 1% phosphorus, and 1% combination of potassium, sodium, chorine, magnesium, iron, iodine, fluorine, and silicon, and what do you have?

WE in the ET UFO Community will still be looking for the spacecraft of those above who we refer to as extraterrestrials. I plan on sharing more information about the actual fleet that stays hidden from view. They use frequencies for communication that we on earth are not aware of.

The Nuclear power is what is used in space. That and Laser power. This is what we will concentrate on in the future for our future protection in space travel.

In the meantime, we need to be aware that there are other universes in the metaverse, and the unknown in the exosphere we call the unknown in other dimensions of the Xenoverse. We can add new discoveries to our all encompassing existence of the "ALL" as we progress throughout our own evolution that some still regard as enlightenment of our own soul. Each spirit essence and lifetime will return to the soul base.

We can now share in Ascension Center Education Classes of Esoteric Awareness. This is the future and we can now begin preparing for the 2012 astral shift of transformation of our own enlightenment. Apocalyptic Enhancement of our own reality is inevitable. That which is not forbidden is mandatory in this lifetime. Science of Quantum Entanglement will be the words that will be restored about the retrieval systems that will prevail of our future and past. It's a lot to take in as data but we are now capable and will even be more so in the future after the date December 21, 2012 for critical mass consciousness movement for enlightenment.

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