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The Science Fiction Of Global Warming
by Tony Elliott

"That is exactly double the average global temperature increase of 1 degree F in the past decade, again compared to a 1950-1979 baseline," the groups stated.

Fagre's team estimates that in 1850 some 150 glaciers were in the boundaries of today's park. A 2003 study predicted that all remaining park glaciers would vanish by 2030, but the team now states that "their disappearance may occur even sooner, as many of the glaciers have recently retreated faster than their predicted rates."

Fagre said a handful of the park's largest glaciers could survive past 2020 or even 2030, but by that point the ecosystem would already be irreversibly altered.

The report goes on to say since about 1850, when the Little Ice Age ended, the trend has been steadily downward.

With this information in mind the key date is 1850. This is the date that is agreed that the world's temperatures began to rise out of a period of unusually cold temperatures worldwide.

The date of 1850 marks the end of a period of much colder temperatures which were prevalent during a short time in our climate history. In the few hundred years before 1850 the world experienced unusually high numbers of volcano eruptions and very low solar activity as well combined to bring about this cooling period. Thus ice packs created in the world both mountain and Polar Regions during this period of colder climate were an unnatural result of an unnatural climate cool down. Since 1850 the world has been recovering from this cooler than normal period resulting in snow packs melting and disappearing which were a product of unseasonably cooler temps over an extended period of time.

The same scientists who are crying wolf about Global Warming are the same scientists who discovered that every planet in our solar system is going through a period of warming. With the absence of human industrialization on other planets one can a ascertain that if any warming is taking place on Earth it must be caused by our solar system's heat generating engine which is the sun.

In any case the scientific manipulation and outright lies from our scientific so called experts is taking on a more desperate note these days when it comes to trying to convince the masses of their science fiction. The desperation now will come in the form of satellite information they hope to provide proof with but since they simply cannot prove the existence of a problem (because there isn't one) we will continue to be provided information from corrupted computer simulations rather than concrete proof. This due to the fact that they cannot provide physical evidence.

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