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A Well Informed Citizen Is an Expert of a Topic
by Tony Elliott

It is the people who dare to investigate a topic to its fullest extent in the face of aversion who deserve recognition to the fullest extent. It is we who defy the long arm of governments of the world in the quest of truth who deserve recognition for finding the truth among a sea of lies.

I prefer to not be an inane drone in today's world of lies and innuendos and prefer to be an informed citizen who knows both sides of an issue.

Therefore I say to those who would disagree with me on my Global Warming findings. Get off your couch and discover the truth for a change for yourself. It won't hurt you or even cause convulsions just a little realization.

I for one am the greatest disbeliever in the Christian Bible there is today but I read each and every article coming out about it because I desire the truth and perhaps through findings I can discover the possibilities of it being true in the face of my disbelief. This being simply because of my own research into it and the comparison of differing information which may bring my opinion to believe in it.

However I can make my own conclusions from research I do on the subject.

To those who disagree with my assertions of Global Warming I say get off your butts and find the truth for a change. It doesn't take much effort just a few buttons and you're there.

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