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What Do Aliens Look Like?
by Chris Holly

There might be other intelligent life forms that may be like us. This of course would require many things to be like our chemical and DNA makeup. We are a carbon based life system. Chances are there may be others.

This is where we seem to lose our thinking. Chances are they are not carbon based but something else and are not DNA by design but QNA or something completely unknown to our structure.

Letís think about a solar system like Sirius which a very hot star making it impossible for humans to exist. It would however be a place that maybe silicon based beings could evolve and advance. They could survive in an environment we could not.

They also would be beings made from the same material our computers have developed from. Could beings like that be more machine like with less biological material to worry about in their harsh chemical life base? Could those who visit us be closer to our computers then to us? Could that be why we are being walked towards an era of technology where we constantly have cell phones to our heads or walk mindlessly texting throughout our days? Maybe it is no accident we are addicted to our gadgets, our computers and our Televisions. It does give me pause and reason to turn off from the technology grid and tune in to my own humanity. I am not ready to become a walking living programmed machine.

What if our universal neighbors live on a gaseous planet? Could they be large cloud like thinking floating jelly fish type creatures absorbing what they need from their atmosphere and communicating via telepathy?

I can imagine beings of other planets being fish like, bug like or even pure energy without any specific form. I would imagine most beings would have some type of form to hold a brain type structure and many with appendages to build or function. I also realize that they may have two or more brains and many appendages. There also could be those who have mastered the ability to use their brains or thought to move objects and have no need for any type of arms or legs at all. They may be floating brains of energy that simply think life and it happens.

The point is that we need to include science and be realistic when thinking about and preparing for other life forms in our universe. To constantly think they have to resemble us to some degree is just typical egotistical human thinking. They may look somewhat like us and they may not look like us at all.

Aliens most likely would not be able to cope with our climate and planetís atmosphere just as we cannot simply walk out on Mars surface or for that matter our own Moon. I would think that protective suits or covering would most likely be needed by visiting alien species. I would not be surprised if the grays are exactly that- aliens in protective suits.

Someday we will understand much more about the universe we live in. I think the best thing we can do is keep our minds open and our options wide concerning whom or what shares this universe with us.

Along with the difference in structure, chemical makeup and body design of other life forms we must understand that they also will have different life views. Things we consider important may not be of any consideration to an alien. Things we find offensive or cruel may be common place and normal to a life form with little or no knowledge of the ways of humans.

It would be foolish for us to make our assumptions of life out there by way of life here. The only thing we can be sure of is that we have no idea what is past our own backyard. Once we grasp that fact and understand it is impossible for us to be alone we can begin to slowly reach towards the stars and all those who share this big amazing universe with us.

Be careful out there and keep looking up.

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World-

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