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Mystery Airships and Alien Abduction
in the 1800's

by Michael Naisbitt

Posted: 00:00 May 9, 2007

I'm fairly sure that this event was the first properly reported -and as such the first partially documented- ALLEGED Alien Abduction.

In the late eighteenth century we have an abduction account from Colonel H.G. Shaw. This was apparently first reported and published in the Stockton, California Daily Mail in 1897. Colonel Shaw claimed that he and a friend were harassed by three tall, slender humanoids that were covered with a fine, downy hair covering their entire bodies. Colonel Shaw and his friend claimed to have been able to (after a struggle) battle off the alien abductors!

Brief History.

In 1887 there were a number of mystery airship reports from the United States East Coast. Then in 1896 and 1897 we have the first, "Officially" recognised Mystery Airship Wave. The best-known of which began in California in 1896. Afterwards, reports and accounts of similar airships came from others areas, usually moving East.

The first recorded one of these, "Wave" sightings occurred as early as September 20th, 1896.

Some accounts of The Mystery Airships during this wave of reports claim that occupants were visible on some airships, and encounters with the pilots were reported as well. But I believe these humanoid sighting, "Reports" should be taken lightly, although The Mystery Airship Wave undoubtedly happened.

There seemed to be a bit of a lull in the sightings (or maybes the reporting wasn't as ambitious back then) then there was a series of mystery airship sightings in 1909. Some came from several European locations, New England and even from New Zealand. Subsequent sightings followed in the United Kingdom in 1912 and 1913.

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