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A Look at UFOs
by Ron Murdock

Posted: 01:26 May 21, 2007

Since the end of the Second World War UFOs have caught the imagination of many people. While many sightings can be explained as natural phenomenon or a case of mistaken identity, what can be said of those sightings not easily dismissed? Are UFOs extraterrestrial craft, aircraft created from the ground up by various government agencies with technology alone or a creation of the military using advanced technology from a crashed alien craft? It is an area where sensationalism and wild speculation have been predominat mixed in with too many conspiracy theories. Hopefully this will be an area where common sense will prevail and concerned individuals and groups will get to the bottom of the matter.

One of the first stories to hit the big time and last is the alleged crash of a UFO at Roswell, New Mexico. Considering that Watergate and the Iran/Contra affairs were exposed in a matter of time, the question I ask is how was Roswell kept secret after all these years. History shows us that in 1947 the USA, among other nations, was adjusting from war to peace. Harry Truman was still learning the ropes of being president after FDR's death and had made the decision to drop the 2 atomic bombs on Japan. The Cold War had just gotten started. Now an alleged alien craft is downed by lightening at Roswell. Questions to ask at the time is it Soviet or extraterrestrial, friendly or hostile?

Two explanations are worth noting. The powers to be may want us to believe they have a crashed alien spaceship rather than have us know they are building their own aircrafts. While alien bodies are being searched for, the authourities are quietly building the next Stealth Bomber or Harrier VI. The second explanation is not popular, which involves the Project Mogul Balloon. The balloon was kept under tight security because Project Mogul was a top secret mission intended to detect Russian detonation of nuclear weapons. Or perhaps the crash at Roswell involved something nuclear thus the reason for rapid evacuation.

There were reports of alien bodies found in the wreckage at Roswell. Some accounts say this story came out in the late 1970's, which is more than enough time for those to jump on the Roswell bandwagon with a more exciting story than just a plain and simple crash.

If then UFOs are not alien made in origin, where are they being manufactured? A plausible explanation is an area just northwest of Las Vegas called the Nellis Air Force Base or Area 51. It would seem to be quite possible that new types or aircraft are being built and given test runs in Area 51 and other similar centers throughout the world. Considering the increase in sightings of triangular UFOs in the last 10 or more years, this would concur with the use of and testing of the Stealth Bombers. There have been stories of UFOs being silent beams of light in the night sky. People swore they couldn't be helicopters or planes because of little or no sound being heard. 15 years later the military releases their new virtually soundless helicopter that they had tested over that same time period.

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