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A Look at UFOs
by Ron Murdock

One may be familiar with and even seen how the radio play "War of the Worlds" had on the American public in 1939. Though some claimed Orson Welles, with help from the media, staged a lot of the panic, it would have one ponder what the real contact with ET's would have on the general public. Since people have been exposed to images of aliens most notably in movies, it wouldn't come as much of a shock as it would have been in 1939.

If it were to happen, the suspense of finding what characteristics the aliens would have will be the main concern. What seems to be missed in this field is their ability to adopt to breathing our atmosphere and how their immunity systems would handle our bacteria. If one refers to the Big Bang theory of Earth's origins, would it be far fetched to believe that ET's and humans have the same body compositions? Also our body functions and immunity systems changes with the surroundings - the theory of adaptation - therefore it could very well be possible that aliens could adapt to our enviroment over a period of time.

An aspect of UFO lore that has caused much speculation is the Men In Black or MIB. They have been the source of much in the way of hoaxes and story telling. Some claim that the MIB are paid by the government to keep the UFO phenomena top secret and make sure that sensitive information doesn't fall into the hands of rival nations. In the case of a reported UFO sighting, the MIB are sent to investigate and determine if a breach of a countries airspace has been violated. Quite often a witness misinterprets what they see, even though there is no malice on their part. In the ensuring excitement, a witness can easily mistake the actions of the MIB as being more sinister than what it actually is. Details are added to the story that bears little relation to what did happen.

Another area of UFO stories that has much speculation is the creditbility of abduction stores. Some say struggling writers make up abduction stories and pass it off as fact to sell more books. Movies and TV shows regrettably focus more on the fantastic ideas than on the hard evidence. To use hypnosis or suggesting false memories are quite high, even if the hypnotist is trying to get at the truth of the story. A leading authority on hypnosis stated that it is usually impossible for either hypnotist or hypnotic subject to discern between the truth and idle chit chat. It all depends how ethical the hypnotist is. A well known case was the Betty and Barney Hill "abduction. Most researchers were convinced that what Betty reported under hypnosis was from dreams and that Barney are recalling Betty's stories. Even the psychiatrist on the Hill's case maintained that the Hill abduction never happened. He claimed to be misquoted for years by believers and promoters of the Hill case. A theory is that the whole alien abducton setting is a form of collective conscience fear, like a fear of conformity mainfesting itself into an abduction dream.

The search for truth is a good one. But as logn as we have people who don't want to believe in the explainable, we will never get closer to the truth. But things can change as long as we start being honest withourselves and with each other.

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