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Interstellar Intercourse - The Abduction Of Antonio Villas Boas
by Michael Naisbitt

Posted: 11:00 May 8, 2007

Antonio Villas Boas and wife Marlene
Now although there were indeed several claims of alien abduction before the Antonio Villas Boas claim in 1957, very few had received any attention at all, yet alone from the media. That all changed with Antonio Villas Boas.

Born in 1934, Boas was a Brazilian farmer, and as is the norm for farmers in countries as hot as Brazil, much of the work in the fields was done during the night due to the intense heat during the day.

Although the actual abduction occurred on the 15th, Boas' strange encounters began up to ten days earlier. Reportedly, just after 11 PM on October 5th Boas spotted a bright white light in the sky as he opened the shutters and window to get some air. Then later on in the same night Boas checked again and the light was still there, much to the disbelief of Boas, the light seemed to drift slowly towards him as he watched it from his bedroom window. Terrified Boas slammed the shutters on the window and in doing so woke his brother and then they both watched incredulously as the light played through the gaps in the shutters lighting up the room.

Then a couple of day before the abduction (October 14th) around 9-10 PM, Boas again with his brother, were out tilling the fields, when they both witnessed an extremely bright light a little over three hundred feet above their heads. Upon seeing the light Antonio started out to further investigate the phenomenon, but as he approached the UFO it would suddenly shoot off at an incredible speed to the other end of the field, then again upon Boas' approach the UFO would shoot off. After repeating this over twenty times, Antonio eventually returned to his brother.

Antonio Villas Boas said, "The light kept still for a few moments longer in the distance. Now and again it seemed to throw forth rays in all directions, the same as the setting sun, sparkling. Then it suddenly disappeared, as if it had been turned off. I am not quite sure if this is what actually happened, for I cannot remember if I kept looking in the same direction all the time. Maybe for a few seconds I glanced elsewhere so it may have lifted up and disappeared before I had the time to look back again."

It was on October 15th 1957 as Boas was ploughing fields when he saw what he would later describe as a kind of, “Red Star” floating in the darkened sky. Boas goes on to say as the object approached him, it was gradually increasing in size until it's shape became recognizable as a circular/egg shaped UFO. The red light he had seen appeared to be on the front of the UFO, The UFO then preceded to land in the same field, extending three legs as it did (in a tripod fashion). Not unsurprisingly it was at this point that Boas took to his heels and fled the scene.

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