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Experiencer Dana Redfield Crosses Over
by Mary Alice Bennett

Posted: 12.00 May 15, 2007

Experiencer Dana Redfield Crosses Over
Dana Redfield
Dana Redfield made a pact with researchers that, after passing over, she would try to come through to them, but I was not on the list to be notified of her passing.

However, she did appear to me in a dream before I knew that she was gone. She was young and I did not recognize her, but I did record it in my journal. But first let me attempt to convey the essence of her remarkable career.

Dana`s childhood friend, the tall Nordic in a form-fitting silver bodysuit with the lion-like eyes and hair had told her that her life would be hard. He had kneeled down on one knee and put his hand on her back while pointing across time and events telling her that her path would be difficult and to "remember the silver." Realizing that she has finished this hard journey makes it easier to let her go. It was not easy for her being on the frontlines of the UFO controversy. Her task is at an end; she accomplished what she had set out to do.

Just one month before she left us, she completed her great work on the alphabet using the "tetrahedonal physics" with which she formulated her concepts. To her, letters were more than the elements of the written word; they were the keys to the portals of alternate realities. Dana used numbers and letters in charts and graphs to transcend the logical functions of the left-brain in order to access what was stored in the subconscious mind. Her contact with the ETs was veiled, but she was determined to remember it. "They move your memory around and put it places where you don't know where to get it. It takes key times and events to trigger the memories," she wrote.

Rowah`s comment to her to "remember the silver" brought back to her the recollection of the silvery ceiling seam of the craft which appeared to be animated like mercury. That seam looked like the means by which the UFO enfolded into another dimension. It also seemed to symbolize the division between the two hemispheres of the human brain. Her meditations transverses the daylight minds into the non-language realm of the right brain, where symbols transcend words. These symbols do like the complex geometric crop-circles, which speak to all nations on an international level, not need to be translated from one dialect to another. Dana Redfield was an unusual writer in that she wrote both science fiction novels, and later, non-fiction accounts of her own experiences. Authors usually stick to one or the other of these types of literature.

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