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Bush Faithfully Follows The Script To Destruction
by Michael Horn
(Copyright 2007, Michael Horn)

Posted: 15:45 May 11, 2007

Photo of Billy Meier

Since 2002, the Henoch Prophecies ( have been disseminated in English, and, according to Meier and FIGU, they have not escaped the notice of parties at the highest levels of the U.S. government and military intelligence. Perhaps then, President Bush’s closest advisors should inform him that the purpose of these prophecies is for us to avoid the devastation otherwise foretold for our country, not to do everything possible to bring it about. Unfortunately, and contrary to their intended purpose, instead of heeding the clear and dire warnings contained within them, the president must be viewing the prophecies as a script to be fulfilled.

Even leaving the prophecies out of the equation for the moment, through either ignorance or willful defiance of the laws of cause and effect, the president effectively condemns this country and the rest of the world to unimaginable destruction. For while most Americans are probably unaware of the more than 200 unprovoked acts of aggression ( ) committed in their name over the past 60 years, the country cannot and will not escape the “law of the pendulum”, especially when instead of attempting to dramatically change the dead end course it only compounds its culpability with further aggression. (A thorough reading of the information at the above referred to site will clearly answer the stupid and insincere question, “Why do they hate us?”)

Not content to defy both military and universal public opinion regarding Iraq, Bush seems to be icing the cake with his “surge” in troop strength, and assuring that the outcome there will indeed be an “unbelievable disaster”, as Meier himself foretold, in 1958 (see: No. 6. ). In addition to churning the propaganda mill as a set up for an attack on Iran, in much the same way the attack on Iraq was set up, Bush recently announced that the Pentagon will set up a new military command in Africa ( ), yet another thinly veiled attempt at spreading imperialism in the name of fighting terrorism, which also provides assurance that the foretold alliance that will eventually come against the U.S. will include African states*.

Perhaps this is as good a place as any to present some of the specific information from the Henoch Prophecies for reference. Please note that they were first given to Meier, in German, in 1987:

“The USA will set out against the Eastern countries ahead of all other financial states and simultaneously she will have to defend herself against the Eastern intruders. In all, America will play the most decisive role, when in the guise to strive for peace and to fight against terrorism she invades many countries of the Earth, bombs and destroys everything and brings thousand-fold deaths to the populations. The military politics of the USA will likewise know no limits, as neither will their economic and other political institutions which will be focused on building and operating a world police force, as it is the case already for a long time. But that will not be enough, and, in the guise of a so-called peaceful globalization, American politics will aspire to gain absolute control of the world concerning supremacy in economy.

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