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Planet Eris and the global warming
by Cristian Negureanu

Planet Eris Closeup

The current situation - the Poles glaciers' melting is accelerating. The climate and geological changes will be increased because the planet Eris/ Nibiru hasn't even been close to Pluto, its nearest point to Earth is supposed to happen between 2010 and 2012.

At present identical phenomena (global warming, volcanoes activation, etc.) also take place on other planets from our solar system because of Eris/ Nibiru. Few examples:

The Neptune's moon, Triton is warming (BBC Science & Technology News, July 25, 1999).

Pluto experiences an extraordinary heating (Massachusetts Institute of Technology News, October 9, 2002).

Volcanic eruption on Jupiter's satellite Io (Icarus Astronomy, November 2002)

The warming of Mars (ABC News, December 7, 2002).

The warming of Saturn (January 28, 2007, scientists of the UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) - physics and astronomy department and those at the University of Boston have noticed that the temperature of the superior atmosphere of Saturn is higher that estimated. Thus, professor Alan Aylward at UCLA considers necessary the reexamination of the main hypotheses regarding the planetary atmosphere and establishing the cause of the respective heating. He also noticed a similar process on Mars, concluding: "Studying the aspects within other planetary atmospheres will help us to find out clues of the Terra's future."

On the Internet (Google) for Nibiru there are 586.000 references, for UB 313 - 1.130.000 references and for Eris - 3.970.000. A short video (4-5 minutes) on the above statements is available at: Leweb2zero-tv-nibiru.html

The books already mentioned also include various other descriptions of severe phenomena as volcanoes activation, increasing seismic activity, terrible hurricanes, huge tides, Poles reversal, etc., that happened 7200 years ago, respectively 3600 years ago, all of them being processes more and more frequent at present on Earth.

Few additional arguments that Eris is Nibiru:

The number of its satellites. Zecharia Sitchin said on them in the above-mentioned work: "Four satellites… they had a rapid rotation movement… swirling like twirls… three other satellites - The Mad Wind, The Twirling Wind and the Sovereign Wind… using their satellites as assault chariots, he (Nibiru - A/N) sent ahead the winds… the all seven winds… ready to fight."

On Google, the search "transneptunian object wikipedia" shows seven other celestial bodies, except Pluto and Eris, most of them discovered by M. Brown, C. Trujillo, D. Rabinowitz.

Their approximate dimensions are:

Eris: 2400 km
Santa (2003 EL 61): 1800 km
2005 Fy 9: 1800 km
Sedna: 1800 km
Orcus: 1800 km
Quaoar: 1200 km
Ixion: 1000 km
Varuna: 1000 km

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