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Gaston's UFO Sighting
by Gaston Damian Martinez

Posted: 12:00 May 27, 2007

I recently photographed an UFO, that did on Wednesday April 4, 2007 to approximately 17h. The event lasted between 7 and 10 seconds. The object had a circular trajectory of flight. I am located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We were taking photographs, my girlfriend and me (it was a superb end of day to a clear sky), we were at home. My girlfriend saw the object in first and pointed out it to me. After a few seconds I thought that it was an experimental aircraft because it had numbers or symbols marked on one on the sides and also a strange reason for camouflage on the top.

It flew at the same speed as the commercial aircraft (there is an airport close to at home and I often see the planes in a position of approach). The object described an S while flying to the top of us. At one time its speed strongly decreased but I could not travel by photo bus I did not look by the objective, during this time the apparatus preserved his altitude.

Initially my friend became anxious, it thought that it was about a part which had been detached from a plane. But we quickly realized that it was not the case and we became curious. At one time I was very excited, I thought that it was a spaceship. But all that one saw registers above carried me to believe that it was of human design.

After having carried out this operation in S, it disappeared from my field devision (hidden by the roof of my house)

MAY 24/05/07: The UFO would have been seen on May 20 with Villa Elisa, a village located at one Buenos Aires time (via ufodigest)

Source: MUFON

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