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Jaye Beldo writes for Dream Network Journal, Mysteries Magazine, Paranoia and Pulse. He has discussed his work on radio programs such as Untamed Dimensions, The Grassy Knoll, The Robin Zodiac Show, Out There Radio, BBC and Capital Radio London, WGN Chicago and WLW Cincinnatti. He is the author of the New Age Murder Mystery 'A Stab in the Light'. Go to www.Stabinthelight.Com To access links to his blog and internet articles. He can be reached
(C)-2007-Jaye Beldo

Dream Manipulation and Mind Control Technology Part III
by Jaye Beldo

Posted: 02:30 May 14, 2007

Dear Reader:

Parts I and II of this series have evoked many encouraging responses from readers, thereby compelling me to offer further suggestions in regards to thwarting attempts by "the dream police" to create disequilibrium in our psyches and our lives. It is time now to focus more on creative ways to maintain peace of mind, even while being targeted by various mind control vectors.

One effective way to do this is by working with the manipulated dreams, whether they have arisen from the unconscious mind or have been holographically inserted. The 're-entering the dream' technique is something I learned from Strephon Kaplan William's excellent book, entitled "Dreamworking." Most importantly, you can do this exercise while you are fully awake and in control. The following is an example of dream re-entry work that I have done recently and which I'd like to share in hopes that others will try this with their own dreams. Let's start with the original dream, which I strongly believe was holographically manipulated and/or remotely influenced:

I am in some unknown city. The feeling tone is quite hostile, like I'm in a very dangerous neighborhood. A vehicle that looks like a UN jeep comes screeching in and out pour 4 police officers who then surround me. They look cheap and tawdry, like central casting rejects, and they do their best to threaten me. They ask for my passport but I don't have it. I attempt to explain my circumstances, i.e. that I have to go home and get it - but they won't listen. They start to take me to the jeep but I then wake up.

The above dream has all the markings of one that was inserted into my unconscious mind, primarily the tawdry 'central casting' feel to it - like a B-Movie that is hardly believable but manages to burn itself into the brain like a laser beam. After writing the dream down in my journal and making sketches of the characters and place settings involved (this is very important to do as you strengthen your abilities to recall dreams), I then consciously re-entered the dream and recorded in my journal what transpired as it happened. You can also tape record these sessions as well as write them down.

Re-Entering the Dream:

I walk through the dangerous neighborhood in the unknown city. I look for street signs but see none. The UN vehicle cuts me off and the police officers come out of it and try to surround me. But before they can speak, I walk right up to them and ask to see their passports. The alpha officer of the group starts shifting around nervously and won't make eye contact with me. I persist in my demand. The more I confront them, they more they lose their form. I see them dissolve in front of me. I check in with my physical body and seem to be relaxing more.

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