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Jaye Beldo writes for Dream Network Journal, Mysteries Magazine, Paranoia and Pulse. He has discussed his work on radio programs such as Untamed Dimensions, The Grassy Knoll, The Robin Zodiac Show, Out There Radio, BBC and Capital Radio London, WGN Chicago and WLW Cincinnatti. He is the author of the New Age Murder Mystery 'A Stab in the Light'. Go to www.Stabinthelight.Com To access links to his blog and internet articles. He can be reached
(C)-2007-Jaye Beldo

Dream Manipulation and Mind Control Technology Part III
by Jaye Beldo

When the police officers dissolve into a pool on the ground (it looks very much like the special effects in the Terminator movies when "cyborgs" are shot - they melt like aluminum), I then get into their UN jeep and drive it back to headquarters. Then the dream environment that I have re-entered starts to blur, as if something is trying to sabotage my attempts at exercising free will and investigating.

Instead of backing off, however, I accelerate and flip the 4-wheel drive switch to "on." As I do this and proceed forward, I can actually see through the windshield a core group of humans behind the dream manipulation using the dream police and hostile city environs as a smokescreen of sorts. It is as if the windshield is a magnifying lens or scrying device.

The group seems to be the product of a remote viewing/remote influencing training program and the individuals all appear to be in their early twenties and have been selected because of their pronounced PSI abilities. At this point, I get out of the vehicle and it seems that I'm on some military base that does not look like a dream at all. It is as if I'm on a tarmac, indicating an Air Force base. I walk across the tarmac and right into the headquarters of this facility.

Then, it is as if I have X-Ray vision. My physical body tightens up and I feel dizzy but I make sure to breath and continue to inspect these dream manipulators. Immediately I see that they are products of an NSA mind-control apparatus and have had their brain stems deliberately scarred in infancy in order to enhance their remote viewing/influencing abilities, as well as, the capacity for image manipulation. The scarring also eliminates any possibilities of these people developing a conscience whatsoever and breaking free of their own handlers. They seem to be empty shells.

I take a deep breath and ask them for their passports after telling them that they have been trespassing in my psyche.

A Chinese woman gets up from what looks like some kind of RV chair and stands in front of me. She seems to be the "alpha" of this group. At first I feel paralyzed and start to panic, but make sure to hold my ground. Again, like with the police that confronted me in the dream, I persist.

I ask for the passports again. It is like coming up against a brick wall however. Then something amazing happens, I see a tear forming in the corner of one of her eyes. I realize that no amount of confrontation will produce passports, papers, identities because their own programming runs too deep. I shift my focus from confrontation and "will power" (a Third Chakra power) to my Heart Chakra and realize that those who are perpetrating dream manipulation and other forms of mind control are prisoners themselves. They are not free. I feel this overwhelming anger but keep focused on my heart. I hear a voice:

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