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The New Humans Part II
by Mary Rodwell

Posted: 13:11 May 8, 2007

From a letter (USA): 'I started walking at 8 months, talking in sentences by 10 months, and how to read at 2 years; no one taught me. I had friends who walked through walls, became invisible, and we spoke telepathically. I desperately wanted to go home.'

David from Perth, Western Australia (now in his late twenties) said about his childhood psychic and telepathic abilities: 'I would have telepathic conversations with my sister until she told me to stop being lazy and start talking.'

Some of the older Star Children are able to explain their abilities and ET connections more precisely. Ann Andrews, author of Abducted, wrote about her family's extraterrestrial contacts. They live in England and have had lifelong interactions with ETs. Jason, her youngest son, exhibits many of these higher senses, regularly astral travels and even heals individuals in this dream state.

Jason told his mother how the Star Child profile fitted him. Jason, like many other Star Children, complains about the bulkiness of his human body, saying how limited it is. He was tight lipped about his experiences for a long time because he said it was hard to trust anyone because you never know who they are working for. He was very serious when he asked Ann if I thought it was very strange that after hundreds of years of slow progress we had suddenly come on in leaps and bounds in just fifty years. According to Jason, 'they' (including himself) gave us the relevant knowledge. They showed us how to split the atom and harness nuclear power so that we might finally meet them as equals. However, he says angrily that we have turned all this knowledge into power over others less fortunate than ourselves, for example with atomic weapons. But when asked about genetic engineering, Jason said 'it is the ETs who choose the parents'. The children are genetically altered before they are born. 'They are given extraterrestrial DNA.'

Again it appears that many of the children know about their mixed human and ET gene pool. This was demonstrated to me quite graphically when a confused young mother told me about her ten-year-old son. She said that whilst out walking with him one day, her son very casually told her the actual percentage of ET genes in every person they passed!

The extraterrestrial education program, telepathic communication and more.

Five-year-old Aiden from Western Australia says 'I don't mind going through the walls, and they teach me more on the ships than I learn at school. They come through walls, float not walk, become invisible, but are still around!' His mother writes, 'This astounds me. He is very blasé about it and says he will introduce them to me one day! Aiden knows what I am thinking, finishes my sentences for me, and feels pain when I do' (from Awakening, 2002).

Star Children can be aware of extraterrestrial educational programs when information is downloaded on a subconscious or super-conscious level. Jena is an eight-year-old girl in Perth who described this process as 'knowledge bombs' in her head, which sometimes hurt. They can have strange dreams where they know they are on-board spacecraft. They are taught to use their higher sense abilities and they know when they have done well at such tests.

Whitley Strieber, experiencer and author of The Secret School, also experienced such lessons on spacecraft. This testimony certainly suggests that The New Humans Part II are not only upgraded physically and psychologically, but are also taught to operate on a broader multi-dimensional frequency which helps them access information and knowledge not available to others.

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