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Sharon Murphy: Pathworker
by Ron Murdock

Posted: 17:26 May 30, 2007

Most of Sharon Murphy's life has been one of pathworking and is used as a means to reach inner and outer peace. It can involve meditation on ideas embodied by a symbol. An example is a Chesad, a Sefirot of the Kabbalah, which stands for the qualities of mercy. One can meditate on what mercy means and how one can develop that particular quality. Sefirot represents 10 stages of the creative process generated from God's own infinite being. As a co-existing group, the Sefirot constitues the interacting components of a single metaphysical structure of whose "genetic" imprint can be identified at all levels and aspects of Creation.

Murphy explains the whole idea of pathworking is to make a bridge from one Sefirot to the next and learn to embody those qualities. It usually requires some systematic journey along whatever path one chooses. Examples are the Tree of Life in Kabbalah, the Major Arcana of the Tarot or the Wheel of the Year in Druidry. If one comes to understand the meaning of the Serfirot and the Tree of Life it becomes clear that one's journey on Earth has a meaning and that the very qualities that embody our Creator also embodies a person's very being.

Murphy says for those venturing into this area for the first time, it is wise to begin by researching pathworking. Then it is best to get in contact with those who have used pathworking before deciding if it is for you. While it takes time to get into the groove of pathworking the key is to put oneself in a meditative state. Deep breathing, a quiet atmosphere and relaxing music are some of the ingrediants that help a person achieve this. It has been suggested that one have a key phrase or word to say at the end of pathworking.This word or phrase acts like a bell to snap one from the trance state back into this world.

Murphy recommends pathworking as it helps a person focus on the positive aspects of themselves by first getting rid of the negative characteristics. "Continued pathworking redirects one energies into positive uses and centers one spiritually. One learns to direct their energy into accomplishing things instead of fretting over them. A person is helped to obtain a sense of belonging and self worth. Pathworking ultimately helps one to love thy self. When one can do this, they can love the world around them and make it a better place even it's through their normal daily living."

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