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Christian Macé is photographed here on his terrace in Cogolin, near Saint-Tropez, French Riviera. From here he had photographed two UFOs in the sky on September 29, 2005. He was born on June 17, 1953 at Corbeil-Essonnes, France. He has been captivated by the UFO phenomena since 1969 and has been studing their associations every since. He has written many articles concerning the Paranormal Phenomena. He also contributes to many leading UFO and paranormal magazines and websites. Contact Christian Macé by email Visit Christian's website at

EXCLUSIVE: Photograph of an UFO in Provence, Taken by Catherine Saclier
by Christian Macé

Posted: 00:30 May 30, 2007

Here two photographs of an UFO, taken by the Friend Catherine Saclier!

Catherine was in the area of GEMENOS, area of Provence, in the South-east of France, on January 28, 2007…

The Friend Catherine, very perceptive, felt at one time like something of odd, at this place, but without anything to see of private individual in the sky…

Catherine nevertheless decides then to take photographs of the place with her numerical camera…

An apparatus of mark “KODAK” DX 4530.

It was 1 p.m. 58…

Then, by téléchargant the photographs on its computer, Catherine discovers with astonishment, this luminous UFO in the sky, in top on the left photograph! …

The Friend Catherine, a very discrete and very serious young woman, that I know very well, had kept these photographs for it.

It is following my request, that Catherine agreed to accept that I put his photographs on my Blog.

Large a Thank you with Catherine to make us divide its extraordinary photographs! …


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