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Security: Right or Privilege?
by Ron Murdock

Posted: 15:33 May 23, 2007

Unseen cameras are watching every step we make!
To what extent will people give up personal freedoms and privacy for security? Ask 1000 people and you may just get a thousand different responses. It is apparent that we have entered an era that could have Big Brother scrutinizing every move and transactions we make. Can we trust the various agencies that are collecting data on jus?

Will the day come when all the people on our planet be required to be micro chipped regardless of their economic status in life? From what I gather no one would be able to make any kind of transaction without it being inserted into the human body, which then the microchip could act as a GPS or Global Positioning System to monitor the person 24/7. Think of it as being sold to keep track of your child or pet, to know the whereabouts of parolees or other criminals, so why not get everyone else in the process.

Convenience stores. Banks. Airports. Other places where large groups of people congregate. What do they have in common? Probably that there is several cameras keeping an eye on these areas. One can only assume they are being watched as much as possible. When one uses a credit card or grocery discount card or debitcard how much of these transaactions and other personal information is being sorted into a database and monitored by advertisers or security firms? Will they use this information for whatever ends they have designed?

There is a belief that if a persona hasn't done anything wrong, they have nothing to hide. This is too much of a passive attitude to be happening on a large scale. What happens if a person holding this belief is somehow misindentified when a criminal steals their ID? Those wanting too much security may be well meaning but may be over zealous control freaks. Plus it could be a case of government over reaching and being overly intrusive into the average citizens life.

It is then to ask just how much do consumers want private information being observed or used by security agencies or corporations. If an individual loses the ability to see and correct what information is collected about them then will that data be used against them? Anyone remember Eisenhower warning us of the military-industrial complex endangering personal liberites or the democratic process?

The day is coming in that no one will have no place to run, no place to hide.

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