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UFO Encounter on the TransCanada Highway
by Theresa Bosworths

Posted: 16:10 May 3, 2007

Witness: Theresa Bosworths
Location: Manitoba
Date of incident: February 4, 1996

UFO Encounter on the TransCanada Highway
The TransCanada has desolate areas where UFOs
are sighted.
While driving on the main highway in rural Manitoba one night, I drove directly underneath a saucer-shaped UFO hovering about 50 feet above the road. I've seen what I would consider to be actual UFO's three times in my life - once during the daytime in June of 1975 when I was twelve, and two more night-time sightings as an adult, both in 1996, one in February and one in August. This isn't counting odd lights or some object that is so far away it could be anything, which I have also witnessed on several occasions, these were actual craft that I could see clearly.

The most memorable encounter of the three happened on the night of February 4, 1996 at about 11:00 at night. At the time I was living in Brandon and the man I was dating lived in Winnipeg, about 200 km away. Every Friday night after work I would make the two-hour drive into Winnipeg and then return home Sunday night, usually leaving around 9:00. I would invariably be tired and anxious to get home, so the bright street lights at the Carberry intersection at Highway 5 on the TransCanada Highway (a.k.a. the #1) was always a landmark that I watched for because it meant I only had half an hour left before I was home.

On this particular night it was quite cold (although not abnormally so for February in Manitoba) and I had left Winnipeg at around 9:30. After checking my watch and doing some calculations I was thinking that by the time I hit the intersection it would be almost exactly 11:00, which meant I would be home by 11:30. Having driven this stretch of highway often I knew exactly when to expect to be able to see the Carberry lights. As they came into view, I noticed immediately that there were two other lights hovering just above the familiar streetlights. I kept watching these lights as I drove towards them and they didn't move at all, up or down or side to side. I simply couldn't imagine what they could be.

I later calculated that from the time I first saw the lights to the time I reached the intersection was about 7 km, so they were in my line of vision continuously for approximately 4-5 minutes before I reached them.

As I got closer I could tell that these lights were hovering about 10-15 feet above the height of the streetlights. If the poles are approximately 30 feet and the UFO was 15 feet above them, that would make it only about 50 feet off the ground, extremely close. As I approached the intersection I could tell that whatever this thing was, it was on the other side of the streetlights so I couldn't really see anything more than a dark saucer shape as I drove through the intersection because I couldn't see past the glare of the streetlights.

It wasn't until I was completely through the intersection could I look up and clearly see the UFO. I was driving in the passing lane because as I was coming up to the intersection there was a white van in the right hand lane that wasn't travelling quite as fast as I was, so I was in the left lane, or passing lane, going by it (the #1 is a divided highway). We were travelling fairly close together as we passed through the intersection, so I know someone else had to be seeing what I was seeing. I also saw two other vehicles on the other side of the highway headed east towards Winnipeg and knew that they must be seeing this thing too.

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