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What Are Some Believers Really Up To?
by Ron Murdock

Posted: 14:10 May 26, 2008

A few years ago I read a letter to the editor in the Terrace Standard, a paper in Northwest British Columbia, Canada. My reaction had me wonder just what the letter writer was up to. The writer of the letter had compared witchcraft to having the power to do unnatural things such as casting spells, curses and incantations with the aid of evil spirits and Satan. I really had to wonder just how well the person had checked out witchcraft for himself. It is to ask how condemnation can be used this way.

This is not to deny that evil exists, there is enough evidence in our world to support it. But to say that religious believers are spotless of sin and evil is absurd. One has heard about the Inquistions, Crusades and the Salem Witchcraft Trials. How many priests have been protected by the Catholic Church by being transferred to another diocese before facing charges of child molestation.

No one faith has a monopoly on the truth, way and life. Since when should any one faith be the sole guardian of morality? Heresy can easily be found in one faith as in another one. I'd like to know how often any one religion has twisted the truth around to keep people wrapped in confusion.

To say people rebel against God is questionable. The truth is that people need different perspectives of looking at things. If one can't find what they are looking for in one religion, they should be able to look into other faiths for answers. It is unhealthy for a heriachy of "priests" to dictate what individual belief system should be. The same "priests" shouldn't force feed "facts" to spiritual seekers but let them get out to test their beliefs and to compare notes with other seekers. As long as it is in the name of learning how to think as opposed to being told what to think.

Who is to say or judge who will enter Heaven or who will be excluded? Imagine yourself sitting at mid field of a football game between Heaven and Hell, we might be surprised on who might be on each team's roster.

People need to learn about the history of the religion they are part of. If they explore others they just might find some teachings are quite similar. It is wise to learn and understand as many viewpoints as possible. This way it's not so easy to be misguided by those who want to control what others see, think and hear.

Ron Murdock

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