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By T Stokes
(Copyright 2008, T Stokes - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 13:30 May 26, 2008

Litzi Friedman, the wartime Russian spy was also quite a big fish in the Jewish underground, with tentacles through millionaire Phil Share, Abram Games, Herbert Morrison the British Home Office minister and Winston Churchill continuing through Flora Solomon through Marks & Spencer to Churchill's mentor, lord Victor Rothschild, who was himself a very senior MI5 agent.

Now Rothschild was a "black bag man" which means that any operation before it can go ahead, must be okayed by Home Office if its on the British mainland, and by the Foreign Office if its abroad, now if the Officials do not agree to fund it, they have to go for secret "black bag op funding" so Rothschild by secret funding and being a part, knew details of all and every operation. Litzi Friedman with her security file of over 70 pages, was unbelievably married to top British intelligence officer, Kim Philby, and yet no one suspected anything?

Litzi would have weekly debriefings for pillow talk at an address in Golders Green, and remember that in the 1930s Socialists had taken over many political positions, the mines, the factories and universities, and at the B.B.C. (British Broadcasting Company) there was indeed a very serious threat from Russia, whereas actually Hitler did not want a war with Britain.

Lord Rothschild in true Socialist style, was a flamboyant intellectual who drove an expensive Bugatti racer, wore a solid gold initialled watch and drank the best champagne, and as a devout Jew, would have to avoid homosexuals, yet he surrounded himself with them, and specially invited them to join the "Cambridge Apostles" Whom fellow Russian spy John Cairncross said were known as the poofter boys.

Lord Rothschild to keep tabs on the Socialist debating group the Apostles bought them a house in Bentinc St. Next door to where he himself lived, and he and his wife Tess would listen through the wall to the homosexual parties, chatter and goings on.

This group of 12 inner Apostles was under the master, himself, he thought it amusing to play Jesus, although there were in fact closer to 30 other members. Homosexuality at that time was seen as an awful abomination, and an easy case for blackmail.

Maurice Oldfield the "M" of James Bond films, was Director General of MI5 from 1973-1978 and died in 1981, lived alone and had a taste in young street boys, called by the apostles 'delicious catamites."

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