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By T Stokes
(Copyright 2008, T Stokes - All Rights Reserved)

Margaret Thatcher told the House of Commons in 1987 that he had been asked to stand down over the blackmail threat of his sexual tastes.

The King's Brother, the Duke of Kent, Prince George, who was boyfriend to Sir Anthony Blunt and Noel Coward, and was actually arrested with Maurice Oldfield during the war as a policeman arrested three drunken whores in the street, only to find they were not just men, but among the highest men in the land.

Prince George moved his family to Pitliver House Rosyth, in Fife and was appointed Rear Admiral in Naval intelligence and was one of a group along with Admiral Barry Domville who wanted to negotiate for peace with Germany, Churchill had The Duke of Kent murdered in the same unimaginative way he killed General Wladyslaw Sikorski.

The Duke was transferred to the R.A.F (Royal Air Force) in 1940 and had some connection to the Rudolf Hess incident, the journalist Frank Nancarrow was murdered for researching this episode.

The Queen Mother claimed that Noel Coward told her he was abused as a child, and was genuinely sexually disturbed, and this was why he was thrown out of the army in W.W.1. She was particularly close to Sir Anthony Blunt who passed top wartime secrets to Moscow, including her letters to Adolph Hitler, this allowed the Soviets to pressure her into unwise circumstances.

Churchill blocked Coward's knighthood for his sexual activities; Coward lived the high life during wartime austerities continually traveling to the Rockefeller building in the U.S.A.

These three men, Maurice Oldfield, The Duke of Kent and Noel Coward, all had links to Victor Rothschild. Rothschild was Churchill's mentor and made Churchill's decisions, including the bombing of the food trains into the concentration camps, and the continued strafing of the inmates, Rothschild is on record as saying; "There will be no room in the new country for shnorrers" (poor Jews).

He only wanted the rich powerful and influential for the new land, the rest were to be the sacrifice. Rothschild told the Apostles that the world map was being re-drawn and a World socialist government was coming, and those that helped would be in positions of great power in this New Word Order.

Rothschild gave every single secret, what was called in the Spy catcher book, "The Crown Jewels" to the Russians, and later to Israel.

In the Russian Intel archives Lord and Lady Rothschild are codenamed; "David and Rosa." Stalin ordered lord Rothschild to get Soviet agent and homosexual clown Guy Burgess, to marry Churchill's daughter Clarissa, and what must be remembered is that Rothschild and Churchill were inseparable during W.W.II. The bankers bought Churchill's services in W.W.II for a recorded £50,000 to lobby for total war with Germany, and in W.W.1 Churchill had a bank account in the name of Colonel Arden, to accept these secret donations.

This is tantamount to saying that Churchill recently voted Britain's greatest Englishman in a rigged newspaper poll, was a Rothschild puppet in two word wars, and served a foreign master, Britain's enemy.

And that I say is true.

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