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Rodney Kawecki, born in Los Angeles California studied advance modern physics for ten years researching his idea about space. His idea was that faster then light space travel was possible simply based on weightlessness. It became a life long adventure to discover the equations needed to prove this new idea. That day came in 2007 in his first book on faster then light speed space technology in 2007 where everything about faster then light space travel is exhibited. For the purpose of technology and his thoughts that space is the be yonder foundation of earths future. Contact Mr. Kawecki by email at

Future World Earth Time
Travel Hypothesis

by Rodney Kawecki 

Posted: 16:00 May 29, 2008

The physical activity of traveling FTL (Faster Then Light) is a pre-determined schedule. Meaning that at such velocities a ship for example appears at a local from a destination before the time it left at. Since a human being cannot maneuver at such a velocity. A super-composed computer coordinates would have to be charted from inside the ship and before physically hand. If such coordinates could be charted. And if such a charted destination could be viewed - the pre-determined schedule would look like instantaneous zig-sag maneuvers of a ship's propulsion energy traveling backwards in space.

Trying to pre-schedule a time coordinates in a laboratory wormhole is pre-determined by the wavelength of its energy - warping space. And determined by the length of the experiment.

A Star Trek future in its meaning reveals the process of technology that outwits the problematic of speed constants and limitations. In this chapter you will read why not only faster then light speed space travel is possible but also why there exist in reality no limits to space flight at all. This chapter relies on the facts and figures of general and special relativity but leans towards the probability of the Kawecki Constant as proof faster then light speed space travel is possible. Because of this I have developed this analogy to explain the possibility of ' Quantum Light Speed " theory that asserts taking the speed limit off everything having to do with superluminal theory. What makes this possible is the idea to the theory that the big bang event that we assume started the beginning material factors of this Universe are a format we should reckon with to decipher are faster then light theories. In doing so we discover that on the other side of the light barrier exist an area of dark matter by itself that acts in proportion with acts of force like acceleration in its domain. Because of this - we can look at superluminal philosophy in character with this anomaly. When we review the physical spectrum of the big bang event we discover that as tiny pieces of this gigantic sphere created in empty space that even though we are just blocks to its potential might lay in are hands.

Reviewing these facts we find that when the cosmic egg erupted it created a force proportion to its mass size. The material aspects when we measure this degree of mass discover it measures to less then one-tenths of everything we view in the night sky and throughout space. Even though this is an enormous size to us living on earth. When we take into consideration everything material throughout space these entities are quite large. The fact is we are but earthlings and a single gain o sand on a much larger beach and space is the water.

But the fact remains. The material Universe formed by a critical density eruption created a pocket in dark matter that has been re-depressing itself for trillions and trillions of centuries. The birth of the Universe is about 13 billion years but the activity before the eruption impressed dark matter long before that time and has done so that it will take at least 52 billion more years to depress. As a singularity the Universe sits below a crown event horizon orbiting atop planetary matter with a dark compression of dark matter underneath it as a single Universe with the probability of multiple Universe's nearby. Dark matter as a terrain is compressed at separate angles of space terrain between these Universe's showing a complete darkness between Universe's in the same manner in which exist empty space between galaxies aboard. The dark terrain is a lot larger then we can imagine as physicists because we only observe the smallest portion of the space singularity.

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