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A Case For Being Spiritually Incorrect
by Ron Murdock

Posted: 16:20 May 12, 2008

I wouldn't call myself a person who is a spiritually correct believer, as I don't want to fit in to a premade mold of what others think a believer should be. I'm looking for a belief that makes sense to me and takes me up to the next level of higher consciousness.

To be converted or to be born again is to turn from what one was doing to a better way of doing things. No matter how small the change seems that one experiences on their journey, they can look back one day and see how far they have come.

As alcohol/drugs numbs the senses and fills the mind with illusions, how much does meditation, yoga, prayer, exercise, diet and spiritual study awaken one's body, mind and spirit to reality?

How much is "separation" from God not from losing faith in Spirit but from losing faith in one's ability to improve their conscious contact with the Universal Spirit? How much does one suffer from cutting themselves from the presence of the Universal Spirit?

One can't predict how the wind comes and goes. Is it the same as the movement of Spirit as it moves about searching for those wanting to be reborn?

There is such a thing called the Ministry of Presence. Part of quality companionship is being fully present to the person you are dealing with instead of thinking of where you were or will be doing. Quality time with someone is much better than quantity time.

How many people attend church out of duty, obligation or social status? Would it not be more beneficial to find a place where one is challenged to live the teaching and enjoy being with like-minded people?

Jesus is arguably the most influential person in recorded history, yet he could be termed spiritually incorrect for the time he lived in. Jesus hung out with prostitutes, lepers, tax collectors and other social outcasts. Plus he could be ruthless as witnessed when he tossed out the moneychangers from the temple. Buddha was just as spiritually incorrect when he left his wealth behind to sit under a tree. Both of their mindsets went against the grain of the time by challenging the days thinking. Both had the tenacity to wake people up by refusing to give them easy answers.

It is of no use to try to argue or debate people into the same viewpoint. How much hate and resentment has come about as a result? This is where fundamentalists fall short. They wear blinders so they're unable to see the common traits and truths in all faiths. They box themselves in so tight so that the freshness of Spirit can't touch their hearts. Is it fear that entraps fundamentalists so they can't see past the limits imposed on them?

How many of us believe that a spiritual path will lead us to a peaceful existence? Dealing with the pressures and demands of daily life, it is wise to seek solace when the opportunity arises. But it is easy to fall into a spiritual complacency. How effective would be the ministry of Jesus been if he would have stayed employed as a carpenter instead of showing people how to live by the Spirit of the Law and not by the letter of it? It may be safer in the harbour but that is not what ships are made for. We need to get out into the open waters of life to test ourselves and get things done. The most inspiring people usually don't do things in conventional ways. While it is wise to ask for and listen to advice of trusted ones, in the end we must make our own decisions. It is part of learning how to think and not being told what to think. To listen to our inner voice when others are telling us something different is a hard test of ones spirit. Developing a new life and ways of thinking may be uncomfortable at the start but it leads us to our true destiny and a deeper relationship with others and ourselves.

If one wants to build more spiritual direction thinking it is cheap therapy, forget it. Connecting with others and us requires a lot of effort.

Spiritual incorrectness should wake people up and have them rethink their ideas and understanding of the world around them. These people who provide the wakeup calls may not belong to a particular faith but they do provide great insights.

Spirits may talk to us in a variety of ways whether it is on the open road, petting a dog, sharing coffee with someone. Spirit is the life force that breaks all the rules. Spirituality is not just about getting one's life together or getting our own way. It goes beyond self-gratification and one's ego. It flows into service for others and turning our will and life over to the care of the Universal Spirit.

Ron Murdock, with help from a book called "Spiritually Incorrect: Finding God in All the Wrong Places" by Don Wakefield.

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