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Rodney Kawecki, born in Los Angeles California studied advance modern physics for ten years researching his idea about space. His idea was that faster then light space travel was possible simply based on weightlessness. It became a life long adventure to discover the equations needed to prove this new idea. That day came in 2007 in his first book on faster then light speed space technology in 2007 where everything about faster then light space travel is exhibited. For the purpose of technology and his thoughts that space is the be yonder foundation of earths future. Contact Mr. Kawecki by email at

Paranormal Space
by Rodney Kawecki

Posted: 01:01 May 7, 2008

Outside the inner terrain of our planet earth hidden by the sun in the day time and saw as brighten starlight at night lays an unoccupied terrain of open free to travel through space. Unlike are space environment here on earth outside its barriers this region of dark matter lays across an infinite regional terrain filled only by four percent in its vastness of planets, stars and galaxies we see in the night time as brighten enlightenment. But what is this region of emptiness that also crosses an infinite length that no one person can ever imagine to view to any length through his or her eyes ever in a single lifetime.

This magma interstellar emptiness called space cluttered with planets and stars is a vass piloted terrain held together by some unknown unclassified substante that over the decade’s physicists have yet been chemistry able to define. But we can say it is an infinitesimal compressed dark matter probably non-gaseous but retains a physical content that fills the nothingness that retains a finite stretch between planetary bodies across infinite distances. Distances we can only imagine because they are so spread a part from each other that their presence is calculated by a dote on a chart that can only tell us that their there. But who are we who want to know more about these vast distances that we as a civilization or what we perceive to be a civilization focus are awareness to and want to examine more.

We sit and research what we understand to know about these vast distant planets and stars and want to travel to them but we only have an finite design of enough technology that in its measurement we discover would take three lifetimes to travel to the nearest star. In 2008 an explorer of modern physics Rodney Kawecki haven thought for years himself as an alienchild ever since his childhood what he learned about space was very important. What his father told him about space and the meaning of space travel to the nearest star that because his answers to what were advance conclusions about space someday he would have to find a way to define the adventure of space journey in a shorter time is what prevented earlier physicists to define means of space travel. As a child he used to look outside the living room doorway at the sky and think to himself about what was up there - that’s a vacuum he use to tell himself. He would even vision a vacuum cleaner up there in space. He would even comedy himself sometimes but thought of what was out there beyond the clouds was a lot more. In 1965 home vacuum cleaners were just coming into a home appliance technology. He remembers all the noise his mother made with that thing.

But after some years for some reason it wasn’t too hard for him to think about what he had to do as a life mission. That someday he would or hoped to develop something in space technology that would increase the known technology of the science of the day. Like any dream - it was something that always stood in his head at times even forgotten but someday he would be confronted with in the days ahead. Finally those days came in the year 2004 and 2005 when he deicide to acknowledge this life long idea. In his first real look at what he wanted to research about was clogged in his head with how to write such a script. After his first failure to do this his second try rendered a more clear insight. But it wasn’t until the results of his third try that he gained acknowledgement in the science but that wasn’t enough. In his third look he could define most of the equations he knew he needed to understand his theory but developing his own was a new story and his forth look at his new theory he finally discovered all the cards. But what could he do with these so to speak – cards? Explanation of such a feat was a lot more then was offered. Not all the technology was there. Some was in television programs not in books and other parts were in books but lack follow-ups to chronology events he needed. He knew then his new idea about space and space travel was something paranormal. His research demanded new equations and a new look at thoughts that mattered. And it all had to fit.

His thoughts he had to put down on paper were confused with enlighten visions of calculus and the manner in which some of the mathematical deciphered numbers had to be placed. Like gamma rays thoughts through his mind stumbled at the same time he tried to put them back together to make sense with. The years of research was defined with missing pieces that after a number of years were finally fitted into place like a puzzle. But was the puzzle he was putting together right? His ventures in deciphering the equations he needed rendered going outside the mathematical foundations of what were already laid out in modern advance physics. Could he go beyond these scientific thoughts? And can he express these thoughts in a manner other people could understand? The years passed at the typewriter table and more pages were typed. His journey was long but confusing at times. New equations not all the time were accepted in scientific mathematics. They had to match those already accepted. That meant that he would have to develop a new equation that fit with an earlier one. But most of the work would have to be created on paper as an invention for legal purposes.

His first book on faster then light space travel published in 2007 rendered well throughout acknowledgement about the theory of relativity both special relativity and general relativity. These two books were the format to advance modern physics. Because everything about the science is spread across vast literature of books, website pages, indexes and television programs- it all wasn’t there and he knew it, The technology of advance physics was spread across a vastness that it was only by luck that he discovered all the pieces he needed to direct his new approach for space travel. A theory that he felt might be of interest to those interested in the subject of advance physics and those whom would invite a new idea. His idea that faster then light space travel also called Time Travel would be the results of.

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