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I am Reptile? Fear me not?
by Angela Zayak

14:30 May 18, 2008

Andromendans UFO?
A personal experience has led me to reconsider much of what I have read about ET/IT/ID. The writings of many an author seems to concentrate upon the hostile side of the other creatures of the universe and paint these beings as a threat to mankind. Iíve begun to see that the result may be that humanity might possibly be swayed to approach all alien visitors with a "shoot first and asked questions later"- Star Wars mentality. As I wondered if a large group of humans has developed a mindset tantamount to being interstellar bigotry, a personal journey began that has provided a means of illustrating a possible need for an alternative peaceful and diplomatic approach to intelligent non-humans.

Quite radically contrary to my usual mindset, Iíve thought of getting a tattoo even though Iíve long held onto the thought that I shouldnít decorate my body with ink and metal. Even jewelry is missing from my person most times, but then so are make-up and trendy clothes. I am Plain Jane, tomboy, un-glam I guess. But for some mysterious reason I really wouldnít mind a tattoo of the image of the word dragon in proper Chinese calligraphy.

But then again, in the not so far away past I suddenly acquired an interest in dragons and identified with my desire to be fearless and strong like a dragon. I started using the name DragonLady online and I collected all sorts of dragon related imagery to send to my friends accompanied by scaly jokes. They sent back biting good natured quips about my fiery temperament and fierce demeanor. My reptilian nature was incorporated into my social networking page along with the UFOs, political satire and rage at social injustice and hypocrisy. I had fun with my inner dragon, or maybe I was just getting my dragon on.

A possible explanation for my serpentine thoughts is that I was merely experiencing "racial memories embodying extraterrestrial origins" that resulted from my reptilian genetics as would occur during development of "fourth density" consciousness according to a 1999 interview with Alex Collier. He went on to further explain that "certain memories will start to come up, and they [the Andromendans] have said that some of those memories will not be Ďours,í but instead have their origin within the genetics that have been Ďattachedí to us." So itís possible that as a contactee I am merely recognizing the dragon within me that was put there by my alien ancestors. (A transcript of the interview is available here (

Many meanings can be found in dragon symbolism and so there are people who interpret the mythical creature as destructive and malevolent. For example consider European armored knights and their adversary castle tormentors and David Ickeís Draconian aliens in collusion with government takeover plot. At the other end of the spectrum some people might explain my newfound dragon identification as being that I had discovered my totem and that I was sent a message to be strong and to have courage and fortitude. Other people might say that the dragon is bringing good luck and happiness and will ward off evil spirits.

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