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T Stokes is known worldwide as the "Consultant palmist" with over 50 years experience, working with clients discovering influences on health, romance, career, spirituality. He has many years of combined practise and blending from an array of diagnostic skills coupled to 10 years training in the Harry Edwards school of spirit mediumship and guidance, and accessing the wisdom of the multi-medical and multi-spiritual arenas of the Indo/Pak sub-continental energy flow disciplines, such as Hasthricka and Il-Mul-Kaff, have meant a sharpening and honing of clairvoyant skill ranges which can take a subject from pre-birth through the main events of the life, to the present day. You can email T Stokes at


by T Stokes

Posted: 00:50 May 14, 2008

Most alternative clinics have various experts on which to call when needed, and we get to deal with some very odd cases, but my Wednesday booking illustrates a growing phenomena, which I would like to share with you.

An ordinary looking guy in his thirties presented himself, shook hands and said he was only there because his wife insisted he come, and she was typically over reacting about nothing. It quickly became apparent this man's marriage was at risk, as he was suffering from advanced Football mania, ( A.F.M.) now called by psychologists and counselors, "Footballism."

He showed me his football tattoos, a shirt he was wearing in his team's colours, and a photo from his wallet of him posing alongside the team.

Any obsession in psychology, be it religious or political, computer addiction, clothes, eating disorders or porn and sport, can rob the personality of the essentials necessary to function acceptably, and to an increasingly critical society, so these people quickly become outsiders, this increases the energies to the obsession, and a compensatory need to seek refuge and comradeship with fellow sufferers.

The mutual elation when the team won a match, the misery and dejection when they lost, had led to many violent pitched battles after matches.

This adult man had his teams wallpaper, bed sheets and pillowcases, his children were named after footballers, and even dressed as miniature footballers, and his work van was painted in the team colours.

He became extremely agitated as he said things had reached crisis point with his wife, over missing her mother's funeral, to see his team play.

I asked him to sit down and relax, and just free associate with his thoughts while I took some notes. His past history was very revealing, he had never been able to establish or maintain relationships with women, his marriage was a rushed affair, as she was pregnant, and he was more comfortable down the pub with his mates, drinking and singing football songs.

The lure of football, with the lads running round without trousers, trying to get their balls into the net, which unconsciously represents the feminine aspect, the kissing and groping on pitch, dramatically emphasizes the homo-erotic basis to football, and for many the thrill of football gives a sexual high, to many lonely men, Football is all. What worries psychologists is the racism involved with supporting one team over another, and all sport is considered racism at some level.

This man's wife had sent him along in a last ditch effort to save the marriage, as this man's obsession, and the huge financial costs of traveling to matches were causing the family some suffering.

Deprogramming, is a form of release from mind control, usually practiced with religious and New World Order (NWO) cults, and consists of a mentally prizing free from a central nucleus of inner compulsions. This man had taken on a pseudo-identity that made him extremely irrational.

The Television news, is dominated by football, the scores even coming before the casualties in the Falklands, Gulf and Iraq wars, and all newspapers and magazines are full of it. Many men can communicate only with others through football, and are lost or excluded without it.

Football is the new pornography. Several sessions were necessary to release this man and return him to his family, He has attended group therapy and feels liberated, but still enjoys football but is no longer a slave to it.

T Stokes
Lecturer in paranormal studies

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