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UFO caught on film in Canadian brothers' documentary
by Adam Gray

Posted: 12:00 May 29, 2009

It may be the first time that a UFO has been captured on video during the making of a UFO documentary. Airing next week on VisionTV's documentary anthology series "Supernatural Investigator" is the Gray brothers' latest film, "The White Mountain Abduction".

The subject of the film is Betty & Barney Hill, the first couple to publicly disclose that they were abducted by aliens. While filming at the abduction site in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, on the 47th anniversary of the event, the Gray Brothers caught a real UFO on tape.

The documentary follows Kathleen Marden (the niece of the Hills) and Stanton T. Friedman (Ufologist) as they retrace the route the Hills took that fateful night in 1961. While Marden and Friedman, authors of "Captured: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience" were being interviewed in the woods a series of strange moving lights appeared in the sky behind them.

Cameraman and documentary filmmaker Rob Spence (Eyeborg) was on his game that night and managed to perfectly capture the bizarre event on high definition video.

Experts who have analyzed the video have ruled out any known conventional aircraft or natural astrological phenomena.

To the Gray brothers what was really amazing was not the UFO itself but the timing "I have never seen anything that I would have called a UFO before, and the first time I do - we are at an abduction site filming our first UFO documentary, and we have Betty Hill's niece and the world's most famous Ufologist in the frame watching it!

I mean it is just so perfect! We couldn't believe it. But it happened", laughed co-director Adam Gray. "I remember the next morning when Stanton showed up for filming and he noticed that his watch had stopped, and for a moment I thought, that's what happened to the Hills after their encounter!" What the lights were remains a mystery.

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