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Chris Holly spent a great deal of her life building different entrepreneur ventures, however her one true passion has always been writing. Long ago she found it far easier to explain the paranormal by way of a true story told in an interesting form. She lived a life filled with extreme experiences and unique events involving that which we do not understand. She felt it her destiny to tell these true events to the world by way of her short stories. Along with the Endless Journey and The Knight Zone site, Chris is working on a book. "I am doing a collection of short stories about my lifetime of paranormal experiences, which should be complete by the winter of 2009." You can reach her at or visit her website: Chris Holly"s Paranormal World .

Incredible Encounter with a Feeding UFO or Something Far More Dangerous!
by Chris Holly
(Copyright © 2009 Chris Holly)

Posted: 12:55 May 21, 2009

I have a life long friend I have known since I am 6 years old. He remains my friend to this day. He is a great guy who is a levelheaded family man with lots of friends who is well liked in his community here on Long Island New York.

I noticed that my friend would always make it a point to ask about what I was writing or investigating and always listened with care. He never showed any interest in the paranormal before yet now always showed interest in my work. I never thought much about it until recently.

My friend called me and insisted we meet for lunch to ‘catch up’. Again I did not think much about it as we have been friends for a lifetime and shared many lunches. During lunch my friend asked me three times about the stories and articles on my site. I was a bit surprised, as I did not realize he was a loyal reader. We talked about a few of my UFO stories while we ate our lunches.

With lunchtime over we headed for the parking lot where my friend took me by the arm and said “ Wait Chris- I have something I want to tell you, something I never talked about before with anyone.” I thought my friend was having some type of life problem and we walked down the street until we found a private empty bench to sit so he could tell me what was wrong.

I plopped myself down next to him on the bench and said, “So, what is this all about?” He looked at me so seriously I immediately knew this was something very important and turned my mood to fit his and said” Oh, this is serious, I am here and all ears, tell me what is wrong?”

My old friend then told me what I consider to be one of the biggest and most important sighting encounters I have ever heard. Clearly this is a huge story for the area where I live and this friend the last person on earth I would have ever thought would tell it to me!

The encounter happened while my friend and two of his friends were setting up for a hunting trip located towards the end of Long Island. It was a habit for this group of men to drop off supplies and items they did not want to carry all day at points they used to rest and eat while off on one of these pre-planned days in the woods trapping and hunting. A few men would set up for the day before the day’s events started. This is what he told me, while sitting on that bench:

“It was years ago, about 1995. I was out setting up for a big hunt we were going to have with a group of guys early that day. It was me and two buddies of mine. We went out about 2 in the morning to drop off traps and other things we were going to use during the days hunting trip. We arranged to have about four other men meet us out further on the Island (east end of Long Island) about 4 a.m. We were going to set up some stuff as we planned to end up at this point where we were leaving stuff in the woods. My one buddy was a retired phone man and knew the right of ways used by the utility companies and had a good sense of the woods in the area where we were dumping our supplies for the day.

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