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Blows Against The Empire-The ET Hypothesis Comes Under Attack In...
UFOs, Time Slips, Other Realms and the Science of Fairies

By Edwin Sidney Hartland
With additional material by Tim Beckley, Sean Casteel, Brent Raynes and Tim R. Swartz

Reviewed by Sean Casteel

Posted: 14:35 May 23, 2009

The Blows Against The Empire-The ET Hypothesis Comes Under Attack In...
Blows Against The Empire-The ET Hypothesis Comes Under Attack In...
The current predominate interpretation of the UFO and alien phenomena leans quite heavily on the notion that their origin is from somewhere in outer space. Our "space brothers" are said to have somehow traversed great distances to arrive here just in time to warn us of nuclear and/or environmental destruction.

But there is another interpretation, one which, while it is taken quite seriously by premiere UFO researchers like Jacques Vallee, remains a definite minority point of view: What if what we are witnessing and experiencing actually originates on Earth and has been here throughout mankind's struggle to understand the strange environment he finds himself thrust into? Are the diminutive gray aliens so frequently claimed to have visited hapless mortals as they lay abed really just a variation on millennia of old folklore about fairies, changelings, elves and other forms of wee people?

That is the primary thrust of this 2008 release from Global Communications, called "UFOs, Time Slips, Other Realms and the Science of Fairies." The bulk of the book is a reprint of a much older book by Edwin Sidney Hartland, in which he offers a wonderful overview of the folklore of fairies and other mysterious creatures that frequently cross over from their shadowy dimension to enter ours. Hartland died in 1927, and most of his fairy-related work was published in the late 1800s, but it is still as vital and fresh as ever-perhaps even more so, since his "antiquated" writing style is refreshingly cultured and erudite compared to the careless slam bang journalism of the 21st century.

And Hartland's work is nothing if not thorough. He covers subjects like the supernatural lapse of time that comes with journeying into fairyland, which dovetails nicely with the "missing time" phenomena reported often with current alien abduction accounts. Hartland writes that the age old phenomenon of the "changeling," the abduction of infants and children by fairies or other supernatural entities, must be guarded against by wise mothers. The Christian ritual of baptism was partially intended to keep the abductors at bay, while an un-baptized child could technically be considered a "heathen" creature and therefore subject to the whims of evil spirits. In any case, a preoccupation with mortal children and the general processes of genetics are further carried forward in our present day abduction myths.

Hartland's personal beliefs about the subject are not mystical or occult. He serves more as an early anthropologist, compiling and documenting many of the fairy stories told through the centuries without judgment or condemnation. Finding the ultimate truth behind the stories is not really his mission, but rather to chronicle the fascinating folklore of supernatural entities as it existed in his time.

Fast forward to the present to see some of the more recent contributions served up in "UFOs, Time Slips, Other Realms and the Science of Fairies," including a chapter by the book's publisher himself, Tim Beckley. Beckley has long championed the idea that most of the high-tech UFO research of our day more properly supports a non-outer space point of origin for the phenomenon. The super advanced gray alien is merely a technological camouflage concealing a presence that has long dwelled beside us in what we would more accurately term another "dimension," a shadow world that the fairies/aliens journey from to enter ours with complete ease and consummate skill.

Beckley's chapter is boldly entitled "Little Men Are Not From Mars," and he bolsters his argument with anecdotes from the early days of the contactees, as well as with encounter experiences from France that feature the alien interlopers showing their true colors as impish, mischievous and downright ugly grape thieves who sometimes appeared before witnesses in what looked like diving suits. A collection of stories from England also testifies to the old "little green men" cliché used to ridicule UFO witnesses. Several people have indeed reported "little green men," and their accounts are grouped here with other stories that serve to demonstrate some of the more natural extensions from old fairy lore to alien humanoids.

A little surfing of the web further amplifies the non-extraterrestrial theory. For instance, on a website called "The Other Side of the Truth," writer Paul Kimball eloquently states, "By focusing on the idea that little green/gray men have been coming here in nuts and bolts spaceships, ET Facters have done a grave disservice to the search for truth about the UFO phenomenon and its possible alien origins in the same way that thousands of years of religious leaders have undermined the search for the true nature of God by force-fitting it into a limited paradigm that simply served to reinforce their own worldview. They have not sought wisdom, nor understanding-they have simply proclaimed an 'answer' which has been no answer at all."

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To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: UFOs, Time Slips, Other Realms, And The Science Of Fairies

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