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photo of Cyrellys Geibhendach Cyrellys Geibhendach is an author, facilitator, cyber researcher, exopolitical mediator, retired professional construction consultant and operations manager. She is currently Administrator for Compass Morainn, an association of exopolitical mediators and associates. She is a contributing author of several online publications, an active blogger, and member of Open Minds Forum. She currently lives and works in Montana with her family on their ranch and participates in the local homeschool community. Cyrellys can be contacted via email.

Discerning Conduits of Influence and Communication in Exopolitical Mediation
by Cyrellys Geibhendach

Posted: 01:15 May 21, 2009

Long Island, New York, A Hot Bed of UFO Activity During The 1960s!

In Exopolitical Mediation, communication among parties rarely occurs within a typical mediation setting. In mainstream typical mediation, individual participants meet directly with the mediator first individually and then collectively in an agreed upon location. In Exopolitical Mediation the mediator may be directly involved in only one of the participants but provides avenues of information exchange to the public, among other participants, and among other exopolitical conduits. Connection with the public, for example, can range in its extensiveness from a simple release of a report on the internet to the more involved release of a book with corresponding interviews and other promotional activities. Exopolitical Mediation in this way immediately deviates from typical traditional forms of Mediation. However there remains universal aspects to it such as confidentiality of the participants. This makes some of the mechanics of exopolitical mediation unique in the general field of mediation.

Exopolitical Mediation currently occurs in a setting where the Mediator may administer contact with a paradigm participant or source, who holds a perceived position of purposeful leadership in or for that particular release. This does not mean that all communication within the mediation case occurs in conduit through the Mediator. Often the Mediator represents only one avenue of communication and networks in the open with other conduits which may well vary in nature. An example of a variant of conduit can be seen in a release of a recent article in the NY Times, entitled “A Climate Solution That’s Out Of This World”[1]. This variant is a unspecific non-mediated example under the understanding within Exopolitics that the mainstream media outlets are heavily controlled and restricted from serious publication of information or dialog on the subject of extra-terrestrial contact. So for such a release as the one referenced to occur, a sanction to communicate under specific conditions is assumed to have been given. This defines the article as a representation of communication from an additional conduit in an environment still engulfed in secrecy and non-disclosure orientation.

Recognizing additional conduits in a multi-factional environment is a problematic issue for Exopolitical Mediators. Most of this problem can be mitigated by having an understanding of the current exopolitical condition which includes continually evolving evaluative analysis of the existential evidence of a contact control structure. Exopolitical Mediators try to balance their understanding of the exopolitical condition through extensive reading and networking with other exopoliticians. Through these forms of self-education the productive and destructive strategies used by the contact paradigm constituents becomes apparent. An effective Exopolitical Mediator develops his or her ability to ‘listen carefully for’ other conduits within the paradigm. “In the most general sense, we have communication whenever one system, a source, influences another, the destination, by manipulation of alternative signals which can be transferred over the channel connecting them,” Osgood.[2]

The variety and necessity of obscure communication conduits arose out of the inherent or perceived needs of the parties behind them, in the pervasive secrecy climate of the last sixty odd years. The contact paradigm has carried the highest level of secrecy status possible within the United States as far as government and its contact paradigm extensions have been concerned. This has caused a fractured and multi-factional situation whereas the realms (social worlds) of pro and non-disclosure are again broken into many portions which continue fractional existence in many compartmentalized sub-groups. The extent of sub-groupment is not fully known at this time but releasing sources have routinely described the compartmental nature of the contact control structure and the confusing web of geopolitical inter-relationships which have grown so complex as to defy rational explanations or descriptions. These inter-relations compete with each other on many levels and spill over into the public presence where they are taken up and mirrored by open humanity in its opinions, and aggressive competing behaviors.

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