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Stephen Yulish was always interested in UFOs and was a member of NICAP and APRO in the 1960s after reading Project Bluebook. He studied astronomy and exobiology at Case Western Reserve University and graduated in 1969. He eventually became a History Professor at The University of Arizona for seven years where he visited Allen Hyneck's Tucson group. He became interested in Bible Prophecy after he had a headon collision with Jesus Christ in 1988. He is presently disabled with MS and writes about endtime scenarios. Email Stephen Yulish. Visit Stephen Yulish's website.

A UFO Digest Book Review

New book alleges that John Lennon made a pact with the Devil

by Stephen Yulish PhD

Posted: 19:00 May 15, 2009

The Lennon Prophecy

“There is no neutral ground in the universe, every square inch, every split second is claimed by God and counter claimed by Satan” C.S. Lewis

Dirk Vander Ploeg, the Publisher of UFO Digest, asked me if I would do an article on this new book that alleges that John Lennon had made a pact with the Devil which caused his colossal success. While at first, I was a little taken aback by this request, upon further reflection, I realized that it was a compliment and a testament to his respect for my abilities. He also obviously remembered that as a Christian I believed in good and evil, Jesus and the Devil, as I did also in the reality of UFOs and could give an unbiased review whereas many reviewers have panned the book because they say that the Devil is just a felonious figment of the Christian imagination. Furthermore, I have already published three articles for UFO Digest, on magic, possessions and the Devil including A Modern Day Case of Demonic Possession, Encounters Between Christians and Magicians www.ufodigest.comnews/0708/conversion.html and Magic Inscriptions of Lilith found on Human Skull

The book is entitled The Lennon Prophecy: A New Examination of the Death Clues of The Beatles and was written by Joseph Niezgoda and was published by New Chapter Press in 2008. In this book, the author alleges that Lennon was obsessed with the occult, mysticism, magic, numerology, sorcery, anagrams and backward masking techniques. Lennon it is also alleged apparently confided to his friend, Tony Sheridan, that he had made such a pact wit

h Satan. The book also made claims that “the supposed death clues long associated with McCartney were actually subliminal messages about Lennon’s future death.”

While all of this is fascinating speculation, I obviously cannot attest to the author’s claims but I can attest to the reality of the Devil and of Satanic possession because the Bible tells me so. Back in the 60’s I too was into the occult and mysticism and numerology as were many in the “Age of Aquarius” but while I was obviously influenced by the Devil, I never consciously made a pact with him, but

“The devil’s greatest trick is convincing us he does not exist”
C.S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters

Niezgoda alleges that this pact with the devil was made just before the Beatles first major success in December of 1960 and ended twenty years later in December 1980 with Lennon’s assassination by Mark David Chapman who later claimed to have demons exorcised from him while serving his life sentence in Attica State Prison. This killing allegedly was a “show of Satan’s great power in the world and used him as a vehicle.”

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If you need more information or wish to purchase this book, simply click on the title: The Lennon Prophecy: A New Examination of the Death Clues of The Beatles .

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