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The Return of
Robert Morning Sky

Robert D. Morningstar
Editor, UFO Digest

(Copyright 2009, Robert D. Morningstar- All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 12:45 May 16, 2009

It is with great pleasure that we note the return to UFOlogy and public speaking of Robert Morning Sky, author of "The Terra Papers" who disappeared from public view under mysterious circumstances (and nefarious rumors) after an automobile accident circa 1998.

Many people said it was not an "accident." One rumor told of his being run down by a car intentionally to silence him about UFOs and The Star Beings. Regardless the real reason, Morning Sky maintained a steely silence for 10 years.

Due to the similarity in our names, it should come as no surprise to the reader when I say that Robert and I have been confused for each other countless times. For 30 years now, I have been receiving notes and postcards addressed to him, first in my mailbox, beginning in 1979.

At first, I didn't know he existed, so I thought they'd just spelled my name wrongly. Intermittently through the 80s & 90s, I would receive phone calls inquiring for him. Then, there was a lull until a couple of years ago, I began to receive inquiries regularly as to whether "I was he or he was me?" or if I was not him, could I help to find him?

Over the last 7 years, public inquiry grew in a crescendo that became a tumultuous roar, a clamor around the globe, and especially strident and vociferous out of India:

"Are you the same as Robert Morning Sky?"
"Sorry, No, he is Morning Sky
and I am Morning STAR!"

"What happened to Robert Morning Sky?"
"Did he recover from his injuries?"
"Do you know if he is still alive?"
"Please, can you help me find him?"

Not all of the emails were so pleasant. Some were quite wild (but well intentioned). One of them has appointed Morning Sky as "the true Vice President of the United States." Slowly, as I continued to search for him, I became acquainted with his legend and the Star Lore, Robert's story of "The Star Beings" and the rescue of a dying extraterrestrial whom Robert Morning Sky's grandfather and his friends carried away from a crashed UFO site and carried away to safety before the US Army arrived to remove the evidence.

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