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photo of Cyrellys Geibhendach Cyrellys Geibhendach is an author, facilitator, cyber researcher, exopolitical mediator, retired professional construction consultant and operations manager. She is currently Administrator for Compass Morainn, an association of exopolitical mediators and associates. She is a contributing author of several online publications, an active blogger, and member of Open Minds Forum. She currently lives and works in Montana with her family on their ranch and participates in the local homeschool community. Cyrellys can be contacted via email.

Sacrificing 60 Years of Human Experience for Disclosure
by Cyrellys Geibhendach

Visit the Compass Morainn website

Posted: 11:15 May 25, 2009

An acquaintance recently suggested that humanity use the mainstream gift of legitimacy which lies upon Seth Shostak and SETI to initiate an opening to a human disclosure of extra-terrestrial intelligence existence by using them to present evidence that ETs are real. He said, “While it would be nice if governments disclosed what they know, i always thought SETI evidence would be the best way to confirm ET's are real, because all the evidence we present always gets rejected, if SETI catches a signal, everyone will then believe.” [1] In his frustration for achieving a disclosure he is willing to sacrifice the history of human contact up to that point in time.

But, such a means to disclosure would be a lie, and for all that is known out here beyond the realm of pride and fear, a furtherance of lies puts on additional layers of ill repute, distrust, and feelings of animosity demanding retribution....more lies compounds the problem of disclosure, not help it. It widens the rift and would be encouraging the contextual infrastructure which is built by lies and proscribed a freedom by lies to do as it pleases....that is because such an infrastructure creates a sort of personality complex buried within our collective human psyche which is then picked up and mirrored across the board exponentially as the wave of it ripples outward. No. No more lies....I advocate instead, for all participants to find the courage to be truthful....any possible harshness and horrors of some truths is still not comparable to that which lies inherently generate within us.

By choosing Truths we promote the conceptual communications [2] which we would prefer to enact since promoting them causes the same mirroring effects. If we wish to live in a positive world then we must will the strength of steel into acting it out in every possible way....even if it means some initial discomfort.

When we ask ourselves, "What can we do just to make it through the day?" then we are exhibiting living under a seige mentality....when we ask ourselves, "What is my life about? How can I apply the purpose and principles that my life is about," then we have made a powerful intervention...because we get our security through our own integrity to our personal value system, rather than from outside reinforcement. " ~ paraphrased, Stephen Covey - Principle-Centered Leadership [3]

It occurred to me shortly after writing the above if my acquaintance really intended to advocate approval of lies to achieve a chip in the block of human disclosure? I don't believe he did. I think it was ego speaking.

Egos are interlopers in our states of being. They are personal constructs which each individual builds in life. How that construct is applied is up to the individual. Many people apply them subconsciously out of the construct's persistence of intense 'needs'. In a recent article regarding the Purpose and Reason in Conceptual Communications, I said the following: Our egos tend to be, "wrapped up in our social perception of societal expectations which are both extrinsic, concerning relationships of our social groups, and intrinsic, concerning our own behavior, opinions, issues, values, and goals as expected by ourselves or of us by our social groups. The ego is a construct of all these things and does not always adhere to what we really believe or value in ourselves or others."

When we become aware of ego's insertions within our personal experiences, we are empowered to more closely examine our contribution to the existential construct which we residing in. This lends opportunity to make adjustments or to reconsider positions for the additional influx of information.

In the reference to SETI which was made above, it illustrated an example of SETI as a potential Mediator of a human disclosure. In this type of mediation, information or data regarding a signal found would be used as evidence or to present evidence of extra-terrestrial intelligence clearly existing. This is (irregardless of its truthfulness) an example of a mediation because of the bridge between two realities they would be providing to at least two group participants identified as knowledgeable insiders and the public.

In regards to the ego involved in advocating a modification to truth, I believe we must tread very carefully in allowing it to dictate to us a course of action which we ourselves or our future posterity may well find paying for in unintended ways.

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