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Opening Up The Alien Agenda Conspiracy Files

"Conspiracy Summit Dossier"
Edited by Timothy Green Beckley, with Adam Gorightly, Kenn Thomas, Bill Cooper, Commander X and Terry Melanson

Reviewed by Sean Casteel

Posted: 13:55 May 7, 2009

The Conspiracy Summit Dossier: Whistle Blower's Guide To The Strangest And Most Bizarre Cosmic And Global Conspiracies!
The Conspiracy Summit Dossier: Whistle Blower's Guide To The Strangest And Most Bizarre Cosmic And Global Conspiracies!
It is often said that one mark of a successful conspiracy is that it is completely impossible to prove. The conspirators cover their tracks so well that no smoking gun ever emerges and silence is maintained at the point of death in some cases. But in spite of the deathly secrecy, occasional glimpses into the darkness are possible, and the school of thought called Conspiracy Theory thrives among those courageous enough to peer into the blackness and seek the truth, whatever frightening oppressions that truth may involve.

Such is the case with the many contributors to "The Conspiracy Summit Dossier," recently released by Global Communications, a publishing stronghold for the conspiracy and paranormal audience. Familiar names like William Cooper and Commander X are joined by others equally as intrepid, such as Adam Gorightly, Kenn Thomas, and Terry Melanson. Each of the contributors offers a healthy-sized piece of the overall puzzle.

The core of the new book is the transcript of a Conspiracy Summit Conference held in the mid-1990s in which the expert participants hold forth on their personal views of the situation and then take questions from the audience. Everything from the future extinction of the gray aliens to the use of cell phones as an instrument of mind control is discussed. Panelist Jordan Maxell explains how ancient occult symbolism is rampant in present-day America (such as the all-seeing eye on the back of a dollar bill), and that that symbolism is the public tip of an enormous iceberg of conspiracy that has existed for centuries.

The reader may remember a former U.S. soldier named Vance Davis, who in 1990 led an insurrection against his superior officers accompanied by five of his fellow enlisted men in an attempt to force the military to go public about UFOs and the attendant government conspiracy. Called the "Gulf Breeze Six" because they were arrested in Gulf Breeze, Florida, where so many UFO sightings had happened over the preceding few years, the soldiers were eventually given honorable discharges by the military in order to avoid the publicity that a court marital would entail. "The Conspiracy Summit Dossier" features the transcript of an address by Davis at another conspiracy conference as well as reprints of articles and essays about his attempt to blow the whistle publicly on the Secret Government.

But the real cherry on the ice cream is a brand new interview with Jessica Cooper, the daughter of the late conspiracy theorist William Cooper. Cooper was known to have been involved in the dramatic revelation of the MJ-12 documents in the 1980s, in which it was learned that the U.S. government had been in the process of formulating a secret official response to the UFO phenomenon in the early years of the Truman administration. Cooper's interest in the subject began when he was a young man in the Navy and sighted a UFO that rose out of the water and made a low pass over the ship on which he was stationed. He would eventually go down in a hail of bullets after he waved a gun and threatened a local police officer in Eagar, Arizona, in a confrontation outside Cooper's isolated hilltop home on November 5, 2001. Before his death, Cooper had established a large following eager to hear his every pronouncement on the shadowy conspiracy that hung like a dark cloud over the country he loved. Ironically, Cooper considered himself a true patriot in spite of his many verbal attacks on the current system of government, both the covert conspiratorial government and the sloppily managed and oppressive overt government.

Jessica told author and publisher Tim Beckley her own at times tragic story about what it is like for her as the inheritor of her father's complicated legacy. A few years before the shooting incident that took his life, Jessica reestablished contact with the father she had not seen or heard from since she was a small child. She contacted Cooper on the Internet and explained that she was his daughter from a previous marriage. Cooper sent her a plane ticket, and she flew to Arizona to see him. While she was there, Cooper, an alcoholic, began shouting verbal abuse at her, and she left with a police escort.

A short time later, the pair mended fences and had a cordial relationship by phone and email. But then comes an interesting twist of the plot. Federal marshals who claimed to want to bring Cooper in safely and without incident for tax evasion approached Jessica about helping them to set up a scenario where they could arrest Cooper with no shots being fired. They offered her a sizable sum of money and to set her up in an apartment of her own, which would be a welcome relief from her then current living situation at her mother's.

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To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: The Conspiracy Summit Dossier: Whistle Blower's Guide To The Strangest And Most Bizarre Cosmic And Global Conspiracies!

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