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The Truth About 'UFO Abduction From Undersea'

A Riveting Work By Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo and Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens (Ret.)

Reviewed by Sean Casteel

Posted: 12:35 May 19, 2009

The The Truth About 'UFO Abduction From Undersea'
The Truth About 'UFO Abduction From Undersea'

As Timothy Green Beckley quite rightly states in his introduction to "UFO Abduction From Undersea," UFOs have been sighted in the skies since man first began to keep written records of his own existence. They can in fact be called a commonplace occurrence compared to the less frequent phenomenon of the Undersea UFOs, often called "USOs," which stands for "Unidentified Submerged Object" or "Unidentified Submarine Object." Nevertheless, the USO is a consistent and important part of UFOlogy that is worthy of close scrutiny by researchers and believers everywhere.

In the interest of total disclosure, I wrote the first few chapters of "UFO Abduction From Undersea" myself. My assignment was to provide some historical background on the subject as an introduction to the real core of the book, which is a reprint of the privately published "UFO Contact From Undersea" by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo, the primary researcher and documenter of the abduction experiences of one Filiberto Cardenas of Florida, about whom more later. Dr. Sanchez-Ocejo has done an excellent job of telling Cardenas' story from many different angles and with an admirable thoroughness that is a joy to read.

My introductory material deals with, among other things, several undersea abductions, including the story of Betty Andreasson Luca, one of the better known and documented abduction cases in the modern history of the phenomenon. As author and researcher Raymond Fowler tells the story in "The Andreasson Affair Phase Two," Betty is routinely abducted into an alien spacecraft, but on this particular occasion, she finds herself in a domed UFO hurtling toward a body of water. Under hypnosis, Betty cringes in terror as she recalls feeling that the ship was going to crash into the water.

Fowler says the safest assumption to make is that Betty was still located somewhere on Earth when this was happening, as the presence of so much abundant water on another nearby planet is not very likely. In any case, after safely passing through a "window" of water, Betty enters what she describes as an "icy place" that is brightly lit. As she is being transported in a kind of car through a tunnel strewn with icicles, she sees what she at first takes to be people, human-looking people, encased in glass. Fowler calls this place the "Museum of Time," since the people were clothed in the costumes of different historical periods, complete with appropriate background scenery, like the tableaux once might see in a museum on Earth. The figures didn't appear to be dead or stuffed, and included children and babies and people of all races.

When he played back the recording of this particular regression with Betty, Fowler admits that he was tempted to disbelieve most of the story. Yet he wondered how Betty could spontaneously and emotionally relive such a detailed and intricate experience unless it was true? A cold chill ran through Fowler as he contemplated the implications of the human beings encased in glass, and even to a jaded reader of abduction accounts like myself, this one is pretty darn spooky, I must say.

Let us now return to the primary focus of "UFO Abduction From Undersea," the experiences of the aforementioned Filiberto Cardenas, whose story began in January of 1979. Cardenas was in his workplace, a gift shop in Hialeah, Florida, when he received a phone call from his friend, Fernando Marti, who asked Cardenas to accompany him to buy a pig from one of the local merchants for a feast the next Sunday. After visiting two such vendors, they were unable to find a suitable pig. They were going to visit yet another pig-seller when they turned off onto a little used road and the car's engine mysteriously stopped.

The two men examined the engine and could not find the problem. Then, even more strangely, the engine began to emit violet and red lights in sequence. At the same moment, they heard a strange noise, like a swarm of bees, according to Marti. The lights and noise continued to build in intensity and the car began to shake. Believing it was an earthquake, Marti's wife began to scream. When Cardenas tried to move to her to offer comfort, he discovered he was paralyzed beneath the hood of the car where he had been examining the engine.

Then the same force that had paralyzed him lifted him into the air. As he hung there suspended in midair, he shouted "Don't take me! Don't take me!" The noise and light were somehow switched off, and Marti observed a UFO ascending into the sky and disappearing. Marti shouted to his wife and child, "They have taken Filiberto!" After several attempts, he was able to start the car again. He considered whether he should inform the police of what happened, fearing that he might be accused of having harmed Cardenas himself. He decided to tell the police anyway, and also told Cardenas' wife, "A light took Filiberto away."

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To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: UFO Abduction From Undersea

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