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SDI #442
Twenty Questions
On UFOlogy & UFO Updates

Published With the permission of

Alfred Lehmberg
(Copyright 2007, Alfred Lehmberg - All Rights Reserved)

20 Questions very fairly addressed by
Dave Furlotte, Keith Chester,
and Alfred Lehmberg;
then brewed, distilled, and refined by an
esteemed (if steaming) Errol Bruce-Knapp:

1. Is Errol Bruce Knapp abundantly capable of asking gob- smacking if meaningful questions of his own?

1a. Does the scorpion have a sting in its tail?

2. Why is well-hammered 'shit' so seriously shown alongside a more sincere 'Shinola'?

2a. Why will the latter remotely tolerate the former, given that the former is rewarded with the association and the latter discredited with same?

3. Why does Furry go bad on Baart?

3a. Why does Lehmberg later urinate on the already thoroughly deconstructed ashes of same?

The Rex of Brussels, Belgium

3b. Why does he stir with a short stick to produce line art of strutting, errant, and uninformed marionettes with nose bubbles about which they are unaware?

4. Given, one:

The fact of several kinds of reasoning intelligence evolving on this planet, trans-species, as proof of concept, alone;

and two:

A well supported scientific suspicion with regard to a plethora of planetary potentials in a portentous and unending space, intemperate and furiously busy time, complicated by a googolplex of infinite surface areas spuriously manufactured for any exploitation possible'

and finally, three:

The ponderous abundance of substantive evidence
across six categories indicating the startling antithesis ...wait for it...

4. --à Are we alone in the universe?

"Am I Alone in the Universe?"

5. Why does it not matter that a Vegas wager on 'aliens' appearing at any specific time is a "sucker's bet"?


6. Why is Seth Shostak worse than a potty-mouth?

"I Don't Know…
Must be Sleep Apthnia!"

7. Has Paul Kimball hit a legitimate home run with "Best Evidence"?

8. What is the strangely complementing parallel between Keith Chester,
his "Strange Company" and…
Frank Feschino's "Shoot Them Down!"?

9. Is it time for Jerry Clark to comment on his analysis of state-of-the-art Ufology,
why it is in the state argued, and course changes possible for more productive courses in a Ufological regard?

10. Were there bona fide UFO sightings in the early 1930s?

M* Enhancement & Restoration of Oregon UFO Photo- 1927

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