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SDI #442
Twenty Questions
On UFOlogy & UFO Updates

Published With the permission of

Alfred Lehmberg
(Copyright 2007, Alfred Lehmberg - All Rights Reserved)

20 Questions very fairly addressed by
Dave Furlotte, Keith Chester,
and Alfred Lehmberg;
then brewed, distilled, and refined by an
esteemed (if steaming) Errol Bruce-Knapp:

11. Why are 60 year-old records regarding UFOs still classified?

M* Enhancement & Restoration of Oregon UFO Photo- 1927

12. What in "a bastard's-blasted-blue-blazes"
does 9/11 have to do with UFO disclosure?


13. Why will all the papers of George W. Bush be classified for generations to come?

14. Did commanding officers routinely fudge on UFO reports
because they did not want to appear irrational to higher-ups?

M* Enhancement & Restoration of Oregon UFO Photo- 1927

14a. Is this a kind of treason and obliquely contrary to oaths sworn?

15. Why are there "big blanks" in the National Archives at key periods?

FOIA> CIA UFO Case Photo Late 1940s - Windshield Damage Caused by Sound of UFO

16. Did strange visual objects the size of the Moon dodge or
absorb 20mm cannon fire from allied bombers during the war?

17. Did every side in the war figure FOOs for the other guy's 'secret weapon'?

Editor's Note- Free Foo Fighter Movie:
Nick Cook's "Secret Evidence of UFOs"

18. Is a Ufological Cover-up obvious?

19. Are FOOs at the root of a continuing, modern, and current interest in UFOs?

No Pelicans were spared, by the way, in the production of this particular program! Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own!

Now. Before it's too late?

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The PodCast


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